ET01 | How God directed my steps

I have had amazing experiences during my evangelism trips. So today, I went to drop some things for my sister at Ediene and then since she was busy, I decided to evangelize. I wanted to evangelize to a whole class, but when I got in the class, I almost fell, I started thinking of some flimsy excuses and then I started roaming the whole seven (7) classes and the more I went around, the more I got scared.


I finally stood at the corridor and prayed, so the Holy spirit, showed me a guy in the last class to talk to, I got there, I stammered my life out, the guy was just staring at me. I almost cried; I was sweating but I was preaching. Before then the Holy spirit had told me, that he was possessed. As I was preaching, he asked me a question – why God created the world, the devil and humans. He also said he knew hell was his portion so he does not want anyone wasting time convincing him, I now told him I was not there to convince him but shine light in His life, the Holy Spirit convicts, so we kept talking. he was fiddling his phone at first and I was so pissed, it was like he was not listening, so I prayed in my heart that whatever was holding him, should let him go, and after like 20 minutes he dropped his phone.

Before I knew it, he wanted to choke me! He asked me if I was practicing witchcraft, I asked him why he asked such a question and he said, I am making him talk, besides all the illustrations I was painting was talking about him. I started apologizing, he now let me go, and we talked for a while. He said he gave up on hope, life, faith and everything. Humanly speaking I was tired, but the Holy spirit was encouraging me. He just kept looking at me, he kept silent and told me to pause. Afterwards, he said I should keep talking, I asked him what happened and he told me he just spoke to God. I saw that he wanted to go, before I could ask for his number, he just ran out of the class.

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