Prophetic Words For Nigeria

The following are some revelations our church group received in times of prayer concerning our nation, Nigeria. Sometimes prophetic revelations may seem unclear and abstract, but this is part of the nature of God. God speaks in mysteries and dark sayings. (Psalm 78:2-4).  But the honour of kings is to search out a matter.(Pro 25:2).

 I saw a trophy. It was given to Nigeria. Part of the trophy was the metal carving of a sword whose blade was painted gold. It was something futuristic. When it was awarded, it was said, ” You survived! ” This was the reason for the trophy.

I saw a tree. It was pulled out by a hand along with its roots.  Then a fresher and greener tree was put a little dextral to the place where the former had been.  The trunk of the tree made the entire tree look like a bouquet of flower being delivered to a betrothed One.  This tree had no roots.  I understood the absence of roots to mean that Nigeria would become a nation which will be easily moved by the hand of God.

Bro SE, 30th September 2018

Concerning the church in Nigeria, I heard, “If the people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their ways, I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land,” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We should not settle for war, Nigeria will take a very long time to recover and we will not remain the same in the future.

Sis MO, 19th June 2017

I saw the map of Nigeria. It was as though there was fire under it, and tears of blood were spilling out from other parts of the map. I heard, “Intercede for your country – get more people interceding for your country. Ask for mercy.

Sis. BJ, 15th September  2017

 I saw “NIGERIA” in molded, bold block letters on the ground. There were seven small circular pools of water – I had the impression they were turning dark. They were dark grey; they were not completely dark. These seven pools were next to the seven letters spelling NIGERIA.

I saw seven creatures emerge (not fully) from the seven pools. Their bodies were serpentine, and their skin had the texture of a dragon. They had weird looking eyes on their faces. They had hair reminiscent of a lion’s mane, or the sides of a cobra’s head. These creatures wound tightly around each letter. The letters began to crack.

I saw a watchtower by the side of the letter A with a church steeple/minaret at the top. Light shone from within the watchtower towards the letters, but the light had dimmed so much – it looked like what you’d get when the electric current is low.

I also noticed blood dropping slowly from above into the water. It looked like it was about to finish.

I heard a trembling voice within me saying, “My mercies are running out. The judgment on Nigeria will follow the judgment upon the church. It will start from families, and spread to communities, to tribes, and to the states. Go into the marketplace, into churches, into schools, into houses and declare these words. Tell them to repent and come into My rest and love. Teach them My ways and statutes, lest My judgments come swiftly upon them like the wind. Remind them that I am the Lion and the Lamb. I am gentle and loving, but when I roar, all will tremble. Tell them to dread that day – the day of My judgment – tell them to fear Me and I’ll teach them.

Bro. MP, 15th September  2017

While I was praying for the country yesterday, I saw two men walk into the room and kneel in front of me. They were holding a stainless bowl. It was opened, and I saw it was filled with blood and an egg inside. Suddenly, the egg was divided by unseen hands. They were halved (west and east), then scattered all about the bowl. Almost immediately, bowl divided. I was told that the blood represented the blood of Jesus. The egg represented the life of the people. 

The plot was to divide and destroy Nigeria. I heard it was not the Father’s will for this to happen. The blood of His mercy was covering us all. I asked what would happen if the blood was divided, then I saw people making plans against the country.

Then I saw a medium-sized stem intertwined with ropes. I saw a hand trying to loosen the ropes carefully. I understood that we needed to pray specifically and in order, so the problem could be solved.

I saw people come together in a circle to pray. Somehow, they merged into one another and became one. These were the people interceding for the country. Father said we should speak peace into the country by intercession rather than by accusation. The last thing I heard was that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

Last night, I saw the map of Nigeria divided into two.

Sister PM, 15th September 2017

While I was praying at home, I saw the map of Nigeria split in two. After then, I heard the Lord say, “I need more people agreeing with Me.” As we were praying for Nigeria, we were agreeing with God. He said He would do what He wants to do.

Sis. QI20th August 2017

While we were praying, I heard “Because you have cried out to Me, I will bring My peace upon this nation, and no man shall dissolve it.”

Sis. IN, 20th August 2017

I remembered a dream that had to do with war. I saw someone with a watch. He kept looking at his watch as if he was expecting the people to react differently to what was happening, but it was as though the people were oblivious to what was happening. The man kept looking at his watch to discern time. Jeremiah 17.

I saw a river which was meant to be a battleground, and two ships were meant to fight. The ships were armed, but foreigners came to support the cause of fighting. This was not good; it was as if they were encouraging the fight. There was an invasion; it came in a form that seemed like help, (though it was not really help), from foreign people. It wasn’t necessarily the supply of guns – they were poisoning food, dumping things in the country, every other way that they would choose to attack Nigeria.

It was as if we had an international convention. There was something that was required of the President which he didn’t agree to. As a result, the people vowed to deplete the economy and blame the economic downfall on him. They needed some people to help enforce their plans against him; something about Nigeria trying to teach other nations rebellion against the world leaders, so they’d have to discipline us. It was going to affect every citizen. I saw (their words) like fire in their mouths, and I saw the fire going up to attack angels above as if they were attacking the will of God, instead of going down to attack the enemy. It was stopping God’s plans for Nigeria.

I also heard 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Sis NO, 22nd January 2018

I saw people healing the land, laying their hands on the ground after touching their lips. (I got the impression that this meant our words would lay hands on the nation).

I saw a group of people, and it looked like wherever they went, life returned. They were walking in righteousness, and they turned many others to righteousness.

Sister ME, 22nd January 2018

I heard that we should always put Nigeria in prayers each time, because we shield the country from further attacks by doing so. The shield has to be put up as often as possible so the country can be shielded from the effects of evil speaking and bad prayers. In order to avoid giving the devil a right in our country, we must always stand on guard, ready to generate energy to protect the country and the people in it.

Sis SJ, 22nd January 2018

 I saw a man spread his arms wide apart. An earthquake followed the gesture of his hands, but this breaking in the earth’s surface went unnoticed. The earthquake occurred in a manner that separated some persons from the others. The section of people that had been separated by the unseen earthquake was much larger. They did not realize that they had been set apart; they kept fighting and raining abuses on the country. The few others left (on solid ground) were so peaceful. They had been praying for peace to reign. The amazing thing was that among these few were people from the Northern parts of Nigeria, and other ethnic groups. (I saw men dressed in the Fulani attire). Those that made up the larger (separated) group were just ‘normally’ dressed people. I had a strong impression they were supposed to be members of the church in Nigeria. God said that He would give peace to those who seek peace. Those who seek destruction (for others) would have no peace.

Sis PM, 22nd January 2018

I saw something like a grenade thrown into the centre of the country. However, instead of an explosion, it released a very poisonous gas which was inhaled by the people there. At first, they reacted as if they were going to choke to death, but then they were revived. They went about the whole country and as they spoke, the gas came out of their mouths and infected others. These other ones went about the country spreading the gas and infecting everyone wherever they went.

What then is the solutionThe righteous should not keep silent. I saw us speaking to the infected ones. As we did, another type of gas, (white in color and mixed with light), came out and they inhaled it, healing them of the effects of the poison.

Bro. SE, 29th January 2018

I saw the words of people’s mouths and the wickedness of their hearts like threads that were weaved by flying demons. These demons were very busy, going around collecting the threads and weaving them into a massive net to cover the land.

The Church, which was meant to be the pillar of truth, was supposed to shine light and neutralize the woven darkness through the words of their mouths from hearts of righteousness of God. However, the Church couldn’t do this, because darkness had set in. 

I saw a watchtower that was meant to shine light, but there was a massive hole in the centre of the (side of the) tower. Many dark hands were stretching out of the hole to drag the woven net through the hole from the side their hands came out from to the other side, such that the tower now seemed to be an anchor to the woven net. However, I also saw an opposing net woven by the words and hearts of people wearing white standing on the ground (we were part of this group) and this net was to oppose the larger mass of nets. It couldn’t hold the entire mass, but it mitigated the intended effect.

I saw many dark people sending out scrolls that came together to form a massive scroll that was placed on the land as a big landmark or signboard. I saw two groups of people standing on both flanks of the massive scroll; the smaller group would set fire on it, while the larger group would blow the fire off.

I heard we were to pray for eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts that will understand, and thus, mouths that will speak plainly, over the land.

I heard we should speak more righteousness over the land.

Brother MP, 29th January 2018

Through a curtain, I could see a book on a table. Beyond the book on the table was a very huge burning torch. This burning Torch was rooted in the ground like a pole. There was a door leading to what seemed to be a citadel opening up. I could sense that there were people inside but it was dark, like a black out. One could barely see. The burning Torch I had seen earlier was rooted into this citadel. There were other smaller torches, some of which were burning, but didn’t have enough flames to brighten up the room, while others had none. With time, these torches had their flames rekindled, creating a brighter environment.

Psalm 104:30, 1 Samuel 11, Proverbs 14:34.

I saw the Spirit of God brood over the land of Nigeria. I saw that as the Spirit was brooding, He was spreading life and white smoke all over the country. The state of heart of people, especially church groups, determined whether the white smoke would rest on it.

I heard “UNITY is key, and a three-fold cord cannot easily be broken.” The three cords were Politics, Economics and Religion.

I heard that Unity starts with and from the Church. Then it spreads to the whole land. We should practice Unity first, and then others will follow our example.

Bro VE, 11th February 2018

I was in a hall that looked like the hall in the House of Assembly in Abuja, except that the walls had gold trims instead of green. I saw the Lord standing in front of a large wooden lectern, and I walked in with a few people to the column in the centre. There were seven columns of seats, and the one in the centre had mostly Africans in it. There was a map of the world on a globe that looked like an open umbrella, and the Lord laid His hands on two sides of the umbrella; Nigeria and Uruguay, and they turned red. Papua New Guinea also turned red, somewhere below on the umbrella.

He said, “I am raising up a standard in Nigeria.” Then He sent me a sheet of paper that had Page 104, and when I wore my glasses, it became Psalm 104-105.

Then He turned to the middle row, and asked, “Why are there no intercessors? Where are the intercessors?” and a few people in our column raised their hands. Sister NO was trying to say that some people were still praying, but He was not happy that many of the intercessors were not aware of what they were meant to do. He told those of us in the centre column (I think He was referring to Nigeria) that each man must learn to march in His own order.

Sis ME, 23rd April 2018

While we were praying for Nigeria, I had a leading to pray God to stop spirits of fear that had been released into the land and to give strength to the feeble knees; to give strength to people who are to pray and intercede for our land so they can pray in line with God’s will.

I saw ropes with loops (lassos) being released to grab demons of fear in one fell swoop. But then, it was as if the side effects of fear on the person would welcome these demons back. We prayed for God’s fire to burn the cold in people’s hearts that had been created by fear, to create awareness in their hearts.

Then I saw demons in the air trying to fan up black incense to overpower the white incense and fill the land, while they try to put off the white one by distracting the source of the prayer. Then I heard that we were to pray for God to make the prayers of the righteous in line with His will to have more weight than the others did so it would outweigh on the scales of justice and win against the overwhelming black incense coming from the land. It was as if I was in a courtroom and there was the scale of justice with white incense on one side, and black incense on the other. The one which outweighed the other seemed to be what would decide the outcome of the verdict.

Then I saw people sleeping, and there was a little water bag held over their heads that was to burst on the person’s head if they awoke. I got the impression that it was a spirit of prayer and intercession that was available, but the people were not awake to access it. We were to pray for sleeping intercessors.

Bro MP, 28th September 2018

I saw a woman. It was as if I was in a garden. This was more like a trance; I don’t know how it happened, but then I wasn’t there again. The woman was sitting down. She was beautiful, though I didn’t really see her face but she was strong and well built. She had a bronze or steel…something like iron steel. I believe she was Nigeria because she was saying things that have to do with history. She said something about how history is about to repeat itself again. “If correction is not taken, history will repeat itself.” She was trying to say we should not repeat history; we have moved forward, we should not move back again. That was basically it. I felt that she needed a bath, because it was as though there was mud all over her, but she was filled with wisdom and counsel. Maybe it was the guardian angel of Nigeria, but I just knew she was Nigeria talking to me about the things concerning the country. The whole emphasis is that we are supposed to move forward. (Ecclesiastes 7:10.) It’s not wisdom to be thinking that the past was better. It was more of what Paul was saying; that we should forget the things behind and move forward – that was what she was trying to say.

Then I saw three course meals being served. It was served in a big tray, and it was divided. First, it was an overripe plantain, and I saw years written on it. The overripe plantain had 1894 on it, and the grilled meat (like suya) had 1934. The last one I saw was vegetable soup. It had 7 and 18 on it. (I don’t know what it means, though). I think they were explaining what the woman said, about forgetting the former and moving forward, and that we are in the vegetation period.

Sis NO, 29th September 2018

When we prayed about Aso Rock, I remembered a primary school song, “Nigeria, Giants of Africa.”

While we were praying for Nigeria, I saw the globe of the world. I saw it as though it was divided into 4 cardinal points. N+E+W+S= NEWS! The impression I had was of (1 Corinthians 2:9 – eyes have not seen, ears have not heard…)

It was like there was a struggle over Africa and Nigeria was chosen because they were called giants. It was like only two colours mattered; white and black. They were called neutral colours. America was the giant of the whites. I saw darkness over this land and tiny sparks of light here and there. In the African part, there was greater light, but darkness like a great river was coming from the white kingdom (America) into Africa (Nigeria) and it was coming fast. I heard that America (the White) has greater darkness because they have rejected the name of Jesus. In Africa Nigeria (as the representatives) still has light, though not because of how good or righteous they are. They have called upon His name and thus are saved. (Romans 10:17). They still call Him His name, Jesus, and there is light, because He is light. I saw us struggling with a linen napkin (white) but it had a dark and scary presence. As we struggled, the globe of the world turned and bent (rotated) to any side we went. I heard we should contend for our nation so that darkness does not win.

Sis NO, 1st October 2018 

I saw the Nigerian map as drawn and pasted on a drawing board. It was placed flat on the ground.  Under the board were green grasses.

Above the map was the head of a modern shower water outlet. What was flowing and gushing out of the outlet was very fresh and warm blood. I believe it was the blood of Jesus. As the blood drops and splashes touched the map of Nigeria beneath it, it began to release white smoke (steam) and the dross on the map began to be washed away.

I heard, “Blood was shed to create and sustain evil in this nation; blood has also been shed to redeem it.” I also heard, “When you ask for peace, first of all prepare for what proceeds and validates it, which is War.”

I inquired further, and I heard that the war will not be physical, but that God’s judgment and turbulence will upset the nation, then we will know and appreciate the peace of God. I heard that the peace we ask for in Nigeria will only saturate the nation when we allow it flow out from our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Bro VE, 1st October 2018


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