Trichotillomania Gone!

December 2021

I will confess your mercy and love in the assembly of the righteous.

I used to have trichotillomania (a disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out body hair. The urges involve pulling out hair from the scalp, eyebrows, or other areas of the body.)

It started when I was younger and was one of the things that drove me to come to Jesus when I was 12. I noticed the urge stopped at the time but it started again as I grew older. When I came to Uyo in 2019, and had my first deliverance prayers, it stopped again.

It reoccurred recently and I had no idea why it did. I had not officially acknowledged in my mind that it was wrong or demonic till the Holy Spirit impressed it upon my heart to check online about what I was feeling (that was when I discovered that the condition had a name). I found out that what I thought was nothing serious — and decided not to tell Sister I., the older sister who was given the responsibility to care for me in church — was actually a mental disorder.

I ran to my God and Sister I. immediately. I prayed for myself that night using Psalm 139. I prayed for deliverance for myself. After that night, it has not plagued me ever since. I haven’t had those irresistible urges anymore.

I truly wanted to be whole, from this issue as well as impulsive finger biting. Things we think are not bondages might actually be. Satan lied to me in my mind many times, telling me that I could handle it on my own and so I shouldn’t tell. But I couldn’t. You can never lose by bringing something to the light even if it sounds odd or makes you feel ashamed.

I am so thankful that now, I am WHOLE.


Sis T.O

December 2021

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