Peace – God’s Weapon Of War

During the meeting, I felt a sense of peace – the kind that passes understanding. It felt strange and I didn’t understand it.

When Pastor began to talk about the horrible things that are coming on the earth – the plagues and disasters already happening, I heard the Holy Spirit begin to talk about how He is bringing us to a place where we’ll have so much peace in our hearts. This is to prepare us for what is coming.

Also, that peace is what will separate us and the rest of God’s people from the rest of the world.


While Pastor spoke about the plagues, I saw a vision where I was crying, hugging someone and begging him to believe in God, but it seemed that the person had hardened his heart and so, he turned into bricks (picture old mud bricks used in movies) and crumbled out of my arms onto the floor.

– Sis P.E.
Wednesday, 29th January 2020

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