Another Messiah

25th September 2022

I saw a red eagle from the back. It raised its wings and brought them above its head. Everywhere around it was burning. I was afraid at first and quickly snapped out of it but I was encouraged to go back which I did.

When I returned, I heard, “The bar-Jesus: Another Jesus is here in preparation. He is here to strengthen his army. He has started appearing physically to his chosen ones.”

I asked what we should do or what can be done. The answer I got was, ‘Do the things you have been told to do harder and deeper. Obey, do Righteousness, do good works. Blow the trumpets louder!’ (the word ‘louder’ was stretched and shouted out for emphasis unlike the other words).

Then I heard, ‘He will appear to you too(not necessarily referring to just me specifically. It felt like people in church too, especially the prophetic but not limited to just them) not because you are part of his chosen ones but to deceive you. Test all things! Test all things! Hold fast to what is good!’

I then remembered that I woke up with Kirk Franklin’s song, ‘There’s no God like you’, especially the first solo. I also heard, ‘Let the river of living water cover you completely. Be totally immersed’.

I saw an individual who was totally immersed. All I could see were bubbles to indicate someone was in the water. ‘Let your River run more freely’ also came to mind.



25th September 2022


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