The Bondservant’s Mark

December 29th, 2021

While I worshipped during my personal time, I heard this song:

On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross,

The emblem of suffering and shame,

And I love that old cross, where the dearest and best,

For a world of lost sinners was slain…


So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross,

Till my trophies at last I lay down,

I will cling to the old rugged cross,

And exchange it someday for a crown.


I saw a scene of Jesus carrying the cross to be crucified. I saw people throwing things at Him and saying hurtful things. He seemed to keep saying, “Father, forgive them…” under His breath.

My attention was drawn to this repeated statement of His. Then I was shown a scene where someone offended one of us, and she kept saying, “If not that I’m now ‘born again’ – if it had been the ‘old’ me, I would have…”

I got the understanding that in carrying our crosses daily, we do not carry the mindset that it is an obligation, something you cross each day off the calendar as an achievement. Rather, we are to look to the cross in awe, and cherish every experience we have with it, keeping our eyes on the crown we’ll get and not expecting reward from men. This way, we’ll be transformed into His likeness.

I was made to see the contrast of the two scenarios, and I heard that we should not speak that way – saying, “If it was the ‘old me’…” or ‘When I was ‘in the world’…’; it shows we have not fully let go of the past.

Then I perceived an angel beside me, and he had a scroll. I stretched out my hands and received the scroll, and when I opened it, I saw, “IT IS WRITTEN” as a heading, but the content of the scroll was a strange language [I had the impression it was angelic language]. Then I heard, “Strife, jealousy, envy, self-righteousness awaits.”

As I kept praying for understanding and interpretation of what was written in the scroll, the strange writings began to change to English, and I saw that these were various scriptures written out, with extra notes that were like explanations of the scriptures. It was like these things (strife, envy, etc.) were to be fought with the different scriptures given. I had the impression of hiding the Lord’s words in our hearts.

Then a demonic being appeared immediately after the angel left, and it looked really angry about the message from the angel. It snapped it’s fingers in a manner that would mean, “We shall see,” and then left.

I saw the Lord come in like a mighty lion, and he stood by my bed. When He lifted a paw, I heard, “Five days.” I think I also heard five years. The paw then turned fiery, and he placed it on my head, at the space between my eyes and my ears [like a tribal mark]. It was like it drove me crazy, like it was doing something to my mind. I blasted out in tongues as the imprint remained on my head, then I heard, “The mark of the bond servant of Christ.”

He placed the paw on my right hand, the inside of my wrist. It burned, and left an imprint. I got that what we do would determine whether the mark would remain, or whether it would fade away. I heard again, “The mark of the bond servant of Christ.”

I was asked to open my mouth, and oil was poured on my tongue. The oil looked fiery and was hot. It did something to my tongue; first, it seemed to expose this vine that was tied around my tongue, then it burnt the vine off. Then I saw a golden harp given to me.


Sis. UNE

December 29th, 2021


©God’s Lighthouse 2021

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