Sons Of Zerubabel

22nd April, 2021

While we prayed, I saw a very big mouth with incense coming out of it. I had the impression this was referring to what out to be coming out of our mouths, like words. Then I heard, “Let faith (words of faith) arise!”

I saw mountains and hills with valleys in between, arrayed in a way that looked like a dwelling place. Some parts of the land were like pasture lands. I also saw structures with walls made of bricks and gates made of iron bars. The gates looked like there were touches of silver and gold in some parts.

On some of them, I saw inscriptions such as, “I am Yahweh — the Lord of the hills and valleys…”

Then I saw some men come dressed in shining robes, holding bowls with a glowing liquid substance, except for one who held a pen and a scroll. They also had white veils over their heads like Arabian princes.

I thought of representatives of Zion, but I saw them coming from Babylon (or the path that leads there). This made me think of the sons of Zerubabel.

I had the impression they were coming to anoint the gates and walls and analyse what had been put in place so far.  I got that this analytical process involved a lot of thorough cleansing and burning.

In my head, I  pictured each brick being passed through the fire one after the other to get rid of some things that lay hidden in them.

Then, the one with the scroll who seemed to be the one supervising asked, “Where are the gatekeepers? Let them get ready to give account for the dealings within the gates.”

It was almost as though the gatekeepers were being beckoned upon, one after the other, to account for the things that had happened; the coming in and going out under their watch.

Then I was in front of a place called The school of the Spirit. It was in a class room setting. Here, the staff varied. There were places for all sorts of people, like angels, just men, and some other strange beings.

I saw briefly a classroom with about two angels in the form of men, with people young and old sitting to learn. They were teaching them how they could walk with their different shoes at different times.


 Sis TE

22nd April, 2021

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