Readiness: Sounds Of Heaven

28th December 2021

While I prayed with our song, “Sounds of Heaven (We’re Available)” playing, I saw myself being caught up. I saw a lot of pregnant babies stationed at a corner, waiting to be released or commanded to leave.

They seemed due for delivery, but they hadn’t been called up yet. As the song kept playing –  “We’re available to You…” I heard the children began to murmur, “They are not! They are not! They keep saying they are available, but they are not.

All this while I didn’t realize the Lord was right behind me.  I felt a tap on my shoulder, and He said, “The children are ready, but the hearts of those to receive them are not. This is why only a few have been released.”

Then I began to understand why we keep crying out, “We are available, Lord…” not knowing our hearts are not fully ready to receive that which is to come.

I felt this sharp pain in my eyes as He touched them. I was able to see through the children’s stomachs. There were a lot of letters and messages for the Church, the five-fold ministries, and the Body of Christ at large.

I saw that only a few had been sent out because of the unpreparedness/unwillingness of many to be used for the Master’s will.


– Sis PA

28th December 2021

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