I Will Be Your Dread – 28th July 2018

Retreat Words, July 2018

These words were received on the last night of our 7 Day  July  2018 Retreat themed, Crossing the Jordan. As the Spirit of the Lord flowed through the house, knocking many to the floor and resulting in a cascade of prophecies and many visions, we once again experienced the dread of the Lord as He rebuked us as a house and also spoke of events that will occur in the corporate church especially within Nigeria. We saw chariots of fire sweep by overhead and the cloud of witnesses among many other things behind the veil. Below are a few.


Sis MO: An eye for an eye, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, blood for blood, contention for contention, I the Lord, the Lord, I speak once. Behold let the whole earth hear the voice of the Lord and he that has wisdom had better tremble, for I am without partiality in My judgment and I say, an eye for an eye. Fear the Lord, let the inhabitants of the earth fear the Lord, let the inhabitants of the earth fear the Lord. With the mouth of Elijah He set the men on fire, with My mouth I will set men on fire, with My mouth I will set the earth on fire. He that has not learnt the fear of the Lord should be ready to be burnt; he that contends with his Maker should be ready to be burnt. The voice of the Lord cries out afar, in the desert, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Make way for the Lord but they will not hear, dance to My music and they will not dance, mourn with Me but they will not mourn.

Let he that thinks I am mad think I am mad, for the calling of some of you will drive you to the streets like that of madness but let them say you are mad but you will speak the word of the Lord. You will not fear their faces or I will terrify them; you will not fear their faces or I will terrify you. If you will fear me, you will fear just me. Only I the Lord will you fear, I will be your dread, I will be your dread. You will not dread the kings of this world, for before me they are nothing. People will laugh and their teeth will fall.  You will warn them, let the scoffer hold their teeth, for tongues will fall off on My pulpit. Let he who has ears hear the word of the Lord, for I will strike a man and his family dead on the same day. Learn the fear of the Lord. And they will say, Lord have mercy but this is My mercy, this is My mercy. My words are My mercy, My words are My mercy, the earth will learn the fear of the Lord, the earth will learn the fear of the Lord.

For I sing to them, come let’s dance children, they will not dance. Come let’s dance, Come let’s dance, they will not dance, let’s dance together, let’s dance together but they will not dance. Let’s mourn together but they will not mourn. Do not tell them, he that will not listen, walk away. But tell the nations that I say that tongues will fall off, teeth will fall off, people will be dead, families will go; they will come home in one day. There will be death in the land like never before, let he that hears the word of the Lord tremble. For some have been set for destruction, for some these words will be unto them as their last chance. Did I not say kiss the King lest He be angry? They are the generations of people that will not hear. Though they hear, they harden their hearts, they say, “What can the Lord do?” They say the blood speaks for us. One, two, three, four, five, six, the last count is in death. Let he that knows the word, let he that hears the Lord fear. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. You have mercy on Me, you have mercy on Me. Father, have mercy. But I say to you, My mercy is these words I send to them. Many of you will be chased out, some of you locked away, there is trouble coming on the land. Let he that hears, learn the fear of the Lord. You will not follow.

I tell you that judgment will pour on the people that have brought shame on the name of the Lord, they have brought shame on My name. So I will show them shame, I will show them that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty. Go ahead and pray, for time is the difference, the only difference is time and your time is short.

The word of the Lord!



Sis IN: Though you ask, you forget I am a roaring Lion. I will tear down their decorations. I will destroy their instruments. I will pull down their pastors. Their Sunday school will be scattered. Their tiled floors will be broken and their painted walls will be stained with blood. The church that you pass and marvel at will be the same church that you pass and lament for. Lament, wail, oh! Jerusalem, lament, wail, wail, cry, cry, oh! Jerusalem for the destruction is near. Eight, eight, search for them, look for them; eight of them are under judgment already. Search for them, find out, blow My trumpet in their ears so that I will be sure that My judgment will surely come. Once have I spoken, twice will they never hear. They want me to speak twenty times, the more I speak the more I will destroy them. I have stopped speaking because I do not want my judgment to be intense. But since they have blocked their ears with cotton buds and wax I will yet speak one more time and this time around there shall be no escape. You build provinces, you build branches, did I the Lord send you? Seek Me and live yet you seek Bethel, you remember Gilgal and you try to go back to Beersheba. But I tell you this day, your judgment is here. Amos 5: 4-6.

Interpretation: God wants us to seek him daily and not hold unto past experiences, commitments, covenants. Our relationship with Him is supposed to be living; Phil 3:13-14 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.



Sister QI: Go out onto the streets, warn them. Those that have made themselves gods:… Go and warn them, go and warn them, go and warn them. Some of you are so funny, you are so funny. You’re surprised? Really you are surprised at those names, really? The earth will shake, the earth will shake. I am long suffering, not ever suffering. The earth will shake, they dare deceive my children. They dare deceive my own. They dare deceive the ones I died for. How dare they! How dare they! Go and warn them I tell you. You say you’re but a child. You say you’re but a child, wait till I terrify you, wait till I terrify you. You say you’re but a child, Wait till I terrify you. You better listen to Me. I come quickly. I come quickly. Warn them, warn them, warn them, warn them. Don’t expect them to listen to you, don’t expect them to listen to you. But I am a just God; I must do what I must do. And I will do what I will do. I will do, I will do, I will do.

 Interpretation:“He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still. And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”Rev 22:11-12



Sis ER: Yahweh. Yahweh and His angels rise. In His wrath Yahweh comes. Oh prepare. Prepare because the earth will sing a funeral song. Prepare because the earth will mourn. Prepare because the earth will cry like never before. Oh they worship their money, they worship their buildings, they worship their affluence, don’t they? How short sighted they are. They do not look into the sky, they do not see Yahweh and His angels ride; tens of thousands of angels Yahweh. On His favored ride Yahweh comes and He says Go out and tell them that I come. When I come you will run on the streets mad, shouting repent for the Lord is here. Oh I promise you that just as My wrath is on them My wrath is on you. I promise you, you will run on the streets. You will run on the streets in rags but not out of free will. You will run in the street center, you will scream and the world will scorn. Oh they will scorn but watch out. Watch out as their buildings fall. Watch out as their money flies. Watch out as their affluence goes. Watch because Yahweh is coming. Yahweh is riding, the angels behind him. Oh the heavens sing a funeral song. Oh the heavens mourn for the inhabitants of the earth. Oh the heavens they cry, oh the heavens they shout but the earth hears not. Favored children, spread the word of the Lord because Yahweh comes in His wrath. Nothing, no one will be safe. Arise, take your bags, walk outside and share the gospel. Share the gospel. Walk and share the gospel or you will run and share it. Walk and share the gospel or you will run and share it. Walk and share the gospel or you will run and share it. You will run faster than the cars, you will run faster and faster screaming of the day of the Lord. Do My will, favored children for I am a just God.



Bro MG: I saw Church buildings marked with a red ‘X’ mark (the type on buildings that are to be pulled down). I got 3 Churches. Then I saw an old man walking around, he stopped by one Church that is quite familiar to me. They were having a Sunday school session and the children were outside the Church. It was as if the man could see everything going on inside the Church from outside. He just shook his head and passed. It seemed the pity he expressed was more for the children.

Interpretation:“Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me. “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.Matt 18: 5-6



Sis CE: I heard, “those that went before you”. I saw some people and there was a room. Before the room there was a pole, and on the pole was a scroll stands before anyone enters the room, they would have to drag down the scroll and read it, then go into the room and stay for a while. Then when they come out, they started running down a very long thin lane. But there was a group of people that came, and after reading the scroll they turned it upside down and refused to enter the room but started running. Someone from the first group came and told them to go inside the room and follow the normal protocol before they ran, but they refused. So every other person that came after them had to read from the upside down version of the scroll and there was disaster.

I saw a big bus and people were entering the bus, then after a while people stopped entering, as if it was filled up. But there was a big guy that came; I think he came to inspect the bus. By the time he came, he found out that the back seats were empty. Then he asked why people were in the front, asking about people that were supposed to be at the back.

 Interpretation: The first set of people read the word and meditated on it first before running with it but the second set of people read the word, turned it upside down, refused to meditate and ran while the third set of people instead of doing what the first set did, simply followed the upside down version of the second people.



Sis TE: On July 5, 2018 I was in a trance and in it I saw a woman in black on the floor. She was drunk and her hair was disheveled. She talked thoughtlessly and laughed carelessly, tossing her hair about. She continued drinking one bottle after another; there were empty bottles around her. There was a man she was betrothed to. He was young and wealthy with many business ventures and properties to his name. He would give her gifts and she was free to ask for anything. The problem was that she squandered whatever she got; using the things she got for whatever she pleased. Her betrothed was really unhappy because he really loved her. He tried his best to make her better, but it was up to her to choose. Her betrothed really loved her and wanted the best for her. Everything had been set in place for it to pull through. However, he couldn’t marry her the way she was. The marriage would give her entitlement to so many things which she’d throw away at the rate she was going at. She liked the feeling she got from acting this way. It took her away from reality and the responsibilities that awaited her and so she’d rather remain that way. The problem however was that time was running out.

I didn’t understand what this meant and then I heard a voice say, “This is the state of the Church – a drunken, careless and self-indulgent state. She is drunk simply as a result of abuse.” I got the understanding that the last part referred to an abuse of what had been made available.

Then I heard the scripture: “I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Matt 16.18). The hordes of hell are prevailing because she allowed them and had given them free access.” Then I heard that just like Adam had handed over his dominion to the devil, the Church has given the devil authority and allowed him in the Church;“For to whom you yield yourself servant to obey, his servant you are.” (Rom 6. 16) I heard “she cannot be given more because at this rate she’d throw it all away (keep giving it away and abusing it), until she stands up to whom she is and begins to act like it. Since time is running out, she has to pull herself together and sit up or she will be shaken into it. It is part of the plan. It has always been.

Later on, I heard, “You cannot have two treasures. If there must be any, it cannot transcend me. You want something to idolize? Try Me! Where is your time? Where is your effort? Where is your love, your desire of all time? Where is your heart? Hand them all to Me! It is where your treasures are that you will find your heart (Matt. 6.21, Luke. 12.34). Find it in Me, be alive in My love. What do you call me? What do you say I am? I am not limited to just that. I am beyond all that.”

I heard myself singing “Lord I want to see your face” and as I sang this, I heard:

“You want to see My face? You want to see face? Really?”

The tone of the voice disclosed multiple feelings – sadness, happiness (crazed), etc. Happiness because I wanted to see His face; sadness because He wanted it too, but it is not an easy deal.

He continued:

“You want to see my face? How long have I longed to gather my children together with me but they refuse? Do you know my ways? Do you know me? Do you know where I stay? How can you see My face if you don’t know me, if you are far from where I am? Can you stand My gaze? Not yet! As high as the heavens are above the earth, so are My ways higher than yours (Isa. 55.8-9). Will you hold My hand? It will bring you close enough. Do not get carried away by My hand, it is not the same as My face. Do not reach for My hand, yearn to meet My gaze. Don’t just meet it, hold it. Very few have what it takes to flow with the changes that come from it.”

Immediately, what He had been saying about “the self” hit me. It made perfect sense now. When we see Him, we will be like Him (1 John 3.2). Everything changes. Many do not welcome the change because it comes with a great price which is basically losing everything, including the very nature of ‘self’ that we possess. Being like Him was the original identity. It is the real idea of self that ought to exist. What we have now is the corrupted version of the real thing. In essence, there is an overwhelming price to pay to see His face.



Sis FO: On July 26th, while we were praying, I saw a river and a tall lady in a purple dress standing in the river. Her garment was spread out over the water. I noticed there were a lot of people in the river trying to swim out, but the lady kept pulling some with the edge of her garment. I saw angels at the other side pulling people out. Anyone that was pulled out was washed in another water; a stream. There was a need for more hands. When we started praying for help and healing, there was an explosion over the land as though a bomb had been set off. A lot of people were freed when this happened. After this, I saw a big plot of really green land and people in white spreading all over the land.

I was taken to a farm, it was quiet there. A lot of yam had been planted there alongside cassava. I thought there was no one there until I saw people in chains. Some people lay half naked, as though they were dead. I also saw two muscular men in chains. It looked like these people had been that way for some time. All of them were unconscious. While we were still praying, their chains were broken, and someone went around waking people. Anyone that was freed got up and ran off. I saw people’s skin being peeled off and their new bodies were emanating great light.

Interpretation: Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”Matt 9:37-38



Bro BE: In my dream, I saw a fine place with very tall walls like a city. Then a man who looked like a nobleman was inside. He thought he should go out and look after his sheep but before he could go out, there was a blast and the sheep were all lost. He had to go back into the city. The people inside the city were tense and alarmed. There was a call to leave the city. We left the city for a while and after sometime, that same man announced that we should all hurry in, pick what we could pick and leave. We all had to dwell in a small house. I had a feeling that we hurried away because the existence of the city had been threatened.



Sis SD: They despise me? Haven’t I loved them a lot? Why can’t you do what I say? Why do you hurt me?  You do not show mercy but I show you mercy? You do not forgive but you always want to be forgiven. You do not fear me. You want kindness and love but you do not show any, you practice hypocrisy. How dare you lift your hands to Me? I only need holy hands. Why do you think some of your prayers have not been answered? How dare you? Purge yourself, else I will show you my wrath and angel.

As the prophetic words were being ministered the first time I heard, “I am coming, My reward is at hand, to give My children according to their works. (Rev. 22.12) Then I will separate the sheep from the goats(Matt 25.32). Why don’t you give yourselves to Me? Why don’t My people humble themselves? Why don’t they come to Me as a child? Tell them that I am coming for them, tell them that My reward will shock some of them. Tell them that I am coming, tell them that my mercy is available to them who come to me quickly. I do not neglect, I do not push away they that come to me wholeheartedly.”

I heard these words seriously, “For even though it tarries, it shall come to pass (Hab. 2:3). I am coming quickly with blessing in My right hand and punishment in My left hand. I AM THAT I AM, I am of old and still of today (Exodus 3.14). Do not tempt Me to full wrath because if you do, not only will you be punished but your generation until I find one who is righteous. Do not harden your heart, do not joke with Me, do not follow me with a double mind for I spare no one (Heb. 3.8, 15) I am God. Tell those who love me to keep on loving, tell those who serve me to keep on serving, tell those who love me to keep on loving for I am a jealous God. I chastise him whom I love and my chastisement will last for a generation (Heb. 12.6, Pro. 3.12). I AM has spoken.”


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