Portals & New Dimensions

6th November, 2020

As we worshipped, I saw a large building, and doors were being opened. I got the impression that this spoke of portals and dimensions of walking with the Lord. I also had an impression of authority being given to the obedient ones – those who go out to evangelize.

I saw a large field being watered to soften the soil for planting. After that, what was left to be done was the planting of seeds.

I saw people on a high mountain with wings to fly; as opposed to being on the ground and starting their elevation from there like others did, they had greater advantage.

I saw a man shouting, ”Shut the door!” but people didn’t listen to him. Then, a whirlwind blew some people away. I understood the door to speak of gateways, and the wind spoke of doctrines; this will be more prevalent  in the body of Christ.


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