Nigeria: A Revolution!

4th January, 2021

While I was praying, I had the impression to pray for Nigeria.

As I was praying in the Spirit, I saw a big truck. It seemed like a military-type truck (camouflage with guns sticking out of its four sides).

There were a lot of youth lined up in numbers, especially males who were very dark in complexion. They were marching behind the truck, and it was like they were going to ambush somewhere.

Then I had the impression of Boko Haram and that they were going to recruit more people.

I heard “Bauchi State” and “A negative revolution is coming!” I had the impression of another event similar to the abduction of the Chibok Girls.

I was led to pray for all female Secondary Schools in Nigeria, for protection specifically. I felt there was contention, so more prayers were to go up.


4th January, 2021

– Sis. B.A

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