How to Rule: Vanquish Unbelief

28th December 2021

I was led to pray concerning the hearts of men growing cold as a result of unbelief.

Each time I closed my eyes, I kept seeing an endless hallway with bright light, so I would open my eyes, as I felt I was not ready to enter or fit to enter.

This happened repeatedly for about three times as I was listening to Pastor Ita’s message about overcoming our fears. So, I closed my eyes to ask for boldness.

I felt a wind that dragged me out of my bed and pushed me into that hall. I got up and began to run.

As I was running, I realized that the hallway seemed endless, so I stopped and asked myself, ‘Why are you running, and where are you running to?’

I turned to my left and right and noticed that there were doors at both sides with names written boldly on them, and when I turned back, I saw a Man standing at the end of the hallway, from where I had started running.

I had the impression He was meant to lead me down the hallway. Meanwhile, I was busy running out of fear!

He beckoned on me to come back to him and when I did, I realized I did not even make up to five steps, as if I had been running on a spot; it was confusing.

When I got to Him, He said that He had been asked to lead me through the doors.

The man led me through the first door on my right, [labelled] ‘Height’, and when He opened it, it seemed like I was about to fall off an airplane!

All this while, I didn’t realize I was afraid of heights. When He instructed that I should look downwards, I felt like I was going to die, and I said, ‘No, I can’t; I will fall off!’

He pushed me down by taking His hand off me. I screamed, thinking that I was going to die, only to realize that I was caught by the clouds, and the man was just standing right behind me.

He said I should stand, and when I did, He reminded me of the story of Jesus walking on water.

He said, “As far as unbelief is still in your heart, fear will always have access to your mind.” The disciples did not believe, so they were afraid. “The heart of men will always be bound by fear because they have refused to believe in God.”

As I walked back through the doorway, I felt bold.

I was led to another door and taken into a dark and empty room. The angel left my hand. I wasn’t scared at all, as I was used to staying in the dark, but then I started hearing voices. I was gripped with fear, as I thought, ‘What is going to happen to me?’

I thought the Man had left me.

Then, I heard him laugh from behind, and He said,
“Unbelief will make you question whether God is truly with you. Paul and Silas were locked up in a prison, but fear could not control them because they believed that God was with them. They prayed, and the Lord came through for them. Being able to believe that God is with you at all times will get rid of fear in your life.”

As He held my hand, the room became bright and there was actually nothing in the room; it was as if all the fearful things I had seen had only existed in my mind.

I was taken to a room, and there were a lot of people there. It looked like a crusade ground of 4,000 or more people who had been waiting for me to come and preach. As I turned to look at Him, He was nowhere to be found.

As the people started beckoning on me to come up and preach, I became afraid of the crowd. I began to stammer. I thought, ‘What am I going to tell them? I am not even prepared! There are so many people!’ I kept on giving excuses in my head.

Then, I prayed, ‘Lord, please help my unbelief,’ and started speaking from the book of John about unbelief. At the end, many were saved!

As I was about to leave, I saw the Man at the door waiting for me. He said, ”Unbelief will always make you ‘believe’ that God is not with you. If you will only be willing to trust and believe in Him who has sent you, you will always come out victorious.”

As I pondered on what He had said, He continued:

“Unbelief is a sin, and fear will always have a right on you as long as you yield to unbelief.
Unbelief is the reason for so many errors in the body of Christ today.
Unbelief is the reason why many go into living a sinful life, because they think that there is no God. (Psalm 14:1)
Men of God go on preaching error, thinking they own their churches.

“John was sent by God to bear witness of Jesus that through Him, people might believe. When you are able to believe, you are able to see God’s true miracle. You are able to see God’s true love, and God’s love casts out all fear! (1 John 4:18)

“In these times and seasons, you will be tested with all kinds of fear. Note that you can only overcome if you are willing to believe in the one who have sent you. Never turn your back on Him, for He will deliver you from all sorts of fears!

“In this season, you will be taught how to master the enemies’ tricks, so you will be able to fight.

“Only fear the Lord of Hosts, let Him be your fear and your dread. (Isaiah 8:13)

“Study the Word like your life depends on it! It will be your weapon of warfare. (Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12)

“This is not like any other season.

“It is a season of ‘the third dimension,’ the season of true believers, those who are willing to stand up for the Truth.

“Are you willing to go into the third dimension with the Most High?

“Gird yourselves up at all times, and never leave your post!”

28th December 2021
– Sis. PA

© God’s Lighthouse, 2022.

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