God’s Strong Army 1

God’s Strong Army

I heard, “Casualties Of War”. The soldiers looked so tired, as if they wouldn’t go back to the battlefield. As they approached the throne, they started crying and wailing. It was as if they had disappointed God, and wouldn’t have come back to Him unless they had another place to go. They were so distressed and depressed.

These soldiers were exactly like me, and I understood them. I was shocked as I heard the soldiers’ loud crying because I knew God did not have very many people fighting for Him, and the few who were, were overburdened by the weight of the battle. It was as if the army of the Lord was thinning at the top, and increasing at the bottom. The older soldiers seemed to suffer the most, because they had no time to train themselves, and had the duty of training the new soldiers. This seemed to be another reason for the weakness of the soldiers.

The Father understood their pain, and He began to cry too. I saw the tears become a river washing over me, flowing round to where the weeping soldiers were. His tears were like milk; the liquid gave the soldiers strength and brightened their dull eyes. They started to smile again, and all the weakness and fear left them. Their dull skin was rejuvenated, like a baby’s. At this moment, I saw angels come and assist the soldiers. Many of these angels were tailors, and they came to adjust and mend the soldiers’ torn garments. Others came with water and ointment to treat the wounds of the soldiers.

There was joy and gladness in heaven because of the return of the soldiers. After the treatment, the soldiers were so eager to go to the battlefront – so resolute to conquer!

The Lord wants His army to be strong, not overcome by weakness and emotions (crying). He wants them to stand, and not fall down. He will make them pass through difficulties that seem to break them down to achieve this aim, but the army must not give up.

Sister NO, Sunday, 22nd April 2018


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