GT04 | How God saved my Mom’s life


(“For He shall give his angels the charge over you, to keep you in all your ways…”) -Psalm 91:11

God has been so wonderful to me. I feel I have not been thankful enough. In my State the use of tricycle has been banned for quite some time now. The Governor made some commercial vehicles available for movement. However, recently there have been cases of people getting kidnapped, lost and killed in those vehicles.

So on Saturday my mum when to the bank to withdraw some money for house rent. Strangely, she felt she should not withdraw all of the money at once. So she thought she would go home to keep some, and go back to the bank for the rest. When she got out of the bank, she stopped a taxi and got into the seat beside the driver. On the way, a guy behind her told her to pick up something for him and she told the guy she wouldn’t.

It was then she sensed that something was wrong. She asked for the bus to be stopped, so she would get off the bus. The driver refused to stop the bus and just then, the guy behind grabbed her neck. The driver held her legs together while winding up the window glasses. They demanded for the money she had just withdrawn. She refused to hand it over. Then she tried struggling with them all to no avail.

Then the driver took a knife out and slashed her arm so she didn’t have any choice but to give them the money. The guy was pissed that she had been struggling in the first place, so he kept strangling her. I guess his plan was to kill her. She started begging them to leave her since she has given them the money already.

By God’s grace he stopped strangling her and they opened the car door and pushed her out. Fortunately, she was pushed out just around her office. Some people recognized her and they took her to the hospital. It was amazing that she recovered fast without complications. This incident happened on Saturday and by Monday, she was back to work.

When I heard the story I was really amazed. I know people lose their mothers or people close to them but I never knew what that felt like but I had a bit of understanding when I heard the story of how my mom almost lost her life. I am grateful to God for preserving her life; she is still alive and well.

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