Timely Tokens

15th March, 2023

On the 14th of March, I used the last money I had to offset a debt, hoping I’d get money elsewhere (from family or my business) to survive. But the money I hoped for didn’t come.

I woke up very hungry the next morning because I didn’t eat well the previous day, but I was unexplainably very happy even though I had no money in my account and no food in the house.

Then, I began to wonder about who to call to send me some money – I asked my elder brother, and reminded my sister of the money she owed me. It was in the midst of this that the Holy Spirit reminded me to ask my Heavenly Father.

“Lord, I’m hungry” I said, and continued wondering where my meal will come from. Suddenly, a woman called me from the tertiary hospital in the town where I reside. She asked me to come and pick up the bags she ordered for, complaining that I had altered the design and size she gave. For context, I make bags.

I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I was angry at first because I was expecting appreciation from her for the work I delivered, not a complaint.

Remember I didn’t have any money, and transporting myself to the hospital to meet her wasn’t an expenditure I wanted to take on at that time. The woman was very insistent and kept calling that I should come and carry the bags, little did I know what the Lord had in store for me.

I had to borrow some money to transport myself to the hospital without any hope of where the money to repay will come from. As I was about to leave the house, I took a few bags to sell incase I saw buyers on the road or at the hospital. Then I prayed a short prayer asking for God’s favour.

When I arrived at the hospital and met the woman, I wondered if it was the same person that was shouting on the phone because her response was the opposite. She was very calm and spoke kindly to me.

I went on to apologize and explain why I altered the bag size, especially for not telling her ahead and obtaining consent. It was all in a bid to save her some cost as she said she didn’t have enough to pay for the sizes she wanted.

She also apologized for sounding rude, accepted the bags I made for her and eventually ordered 50 more bags!

Also, I had stepped out with 5 or 6 bags on my way to the hospital and sold 4 bags that same day! In addition to all these amazing deeds of God, I had 3 new bag orders! I didn’t expect any of what happened to me that day. It was all divinely orchestrated. God met my needs at the perfect time.

May the Lord’s name be ever blessed. Amen


– Sis I. U.

15th March, 2023

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