GT17 | Infirmity Wars: My Healing Testimony

Sickness After Sickness

Two years ago, about 2016 or 2017, I dislocated my ankle because I was gyming quite frequently. I said, “I must lose weight” . I would spend about 6 hours in the gym daily doing some really athletic exercises but God has His ways [it didn’t seem to be doing much]. When I dislocated my ankle, my mum drove all the way to the gym and picked me up. Being spoilt and all, I thought, “God, what if we didn’t have a car? That would be suffering”.

In 2018, God began to teach me how to trust Him for healing and not depend on medication. So, I’m going to list out most of the sicknesses I’ve had since then – I had food poisoning twice (in 2018), stomach ulcer, migraine, spinal pain; and malaria about four times all in a year. Due to one of the food poisoning episodes, I lost about 10 pounds to 15 pounds after stooling for about twenty to thirty times; I did not go to the hospital. I also had pneumonia a couple of times.

This week (February 2020), I had symptoms of pneumonia (I didn’t go to the hospital to diagnose it but based on prior experiences, I’m pretty sure it was pneumonia). I had about 5 or 6 sicknesses disturbing me at once! One thing I hate is taking medication. Thankfully, I witnessed the willingness of the brethren here in God’s Lighthouse to lay hands and pray for anyone that was sick. They made me have faith for healing. I was suffering seriously earlier this week (February 2020), I could not breathe and there were times I was gasping for air. I thought, “Oh, let me just go to the hospital”, but I kept remembering “Ah, see all these spiritual people here. They will just lay hands on you. Finally, you cannot die” . I kept holding on and trusting God. When I look at everything now, I’m fine.

Yesterday (20th February 2020), I had a migraine that affected my vision. I could not see with my left eye. I think one was sleeping, literally sleeping because it was closed and the other was open. It was at this point Pastor was singing “Jump, jump, jump” during the worship session and I was in pain, and I was still having difficulty in breathing. I ignored it all and jumped. I was surprised at myself. I thought, “You’re jumping, you’re moving, you’re shaking. Ah!” But before then, I kept hearing this voice saying“You sick child, just sit down” during the worship session. In fact, there was a point I was not conscious of what was going on. I was asleep while I was standing; I was so tired.

Fighting Laziness

I also had low blood sugar; it started in 2018 and would knock me out for long periods.  I would sleep and still be tired, or take sugar but nothing really worked. I would have tremors and it made me quite lazy. This caused laziness to have the better of me. Before the low blood sugar began, I used to work for 18 hours and was very strong; that was before I went for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). When I returned from NYSC, if I worked for 2 hours, I’d be panting heavily. Before this, even after working

for 18 hours, I would still be able to climb up a hill but all these sicknesses made me extra lazy.

When I came to Uyo, it was as though Aunty E.I (my host) was just in the spirit. All the things I dreaded, she would tell me to do. I saw how one way or the other, I started overcoming laziness. I’m not ‘there’ yet, I would still consider that I am not as hardworking as I should but I see how God is leading me step by step, just by little obedience here and there. I’ll be sent on errands, “Go and bring this, go and bring that” and I’ll realize that I am not the owner of myself; anybody can tell me to do anything. And I’m seeing how I’m being delivered of that low blood sugar.

I didn’t believe in healing but now I do; and I’m even laying hands on people. This is something I would usually push off on others but recently, these mindsets have been removed. For me to go through that experience this week – sitting down, fighting sickness, listening to messages, and everyday hearing “Just keep holding on” and I did is all God’s doing.

Joints Not Left Out

I also sprained my ankle two weeks ago. I was on a trip and missed my stop because I was preaching in the tricycle so I had to return. Imagine crossing over to the other side of the road to get a tricycle going back to your intended destination . I was expecting excruciating pain with the sprained ankle but lo and behold, I did not feel any pain. My sister who is in the medical field would have said things like, “Buy a cast, put it on it! The sprain may affect it permanently!” But I didn’t buy a cast, I didn’t even massage it. Just by ignoring my normal inclinations and braving it up, my leg is fine! I’m healed.

 So, I’m thanking God for major deliverances in health, and laziness in just 4 or 5 months. God is good. Praise God.

 – Sis T.O

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