ET15 | Lessons From The Field(6)

Sunday 8th September, 2019

My three team mates (D.E, E.E, F.N) and I set out about few minutes to 10am after we had prayed and gotten some leadings from the Holy Spirit on where to go for evangelism.

As we went, we entered into a street leading to a primary school where we split ourselves into groups of two’s. I paired up with E.E and went into a compound to talk to a young boy we saw (through the gate) sitting outside and doing nothing. Maybe he was thinking about something because he didn’t look happy. E.E talked to him while I prayed for God’s leading. It seemed like Holy Spirit wanted us to talk about God’s love for him, so E.E got talking about the love of God.

We found out some things about him; he was in JSS3, didn’t have a Bible and had never been born again, we thus explained to him from scripture, what it meant to give one’s life to Christ. E.E explained how to read the Bible and I shared my testimony on how I overcame deceitfulness and lying a lot, in school. This was to encourage him to persevere in overcoming certain bad habits and traits, even when it’s difficult and almost seems like it won’t ever go away or stop. Finally, we led the boy to Christ, gave him a number to contact us and bade him goodbye.

Meanwhile the other two caught up with us by the time we were done so we all continued our journey towards the main road.

Along the way, we met a little boy crying. We found out that he was flogged by his mother. F.N spoke to him about how God desires that we be obedient children because He loves us. She later led him to apologize to his mum after we prayed for him. We found out that he was flogged for refusing to sweep the floor.

As we kept moving, we met two friends on their way to buy something for themselves. As we approached them, one of the guys ran away despite our call for him to come back. Two team members stopped to talk to the one who stayed, while F.N and I went ahead to a tailor’s shop. There, we met the tailor and another man; we started talking to them but focused more on the guy as he seemed to be paying more attention than the tailor. However, the man was in a hurry to leave because he was waiting for his boss; he asked for any ‘novel’ to read and thank God I had carried a tract. I gave it to him and that was how we got into talking about novels, songs and the foundational teaching of laying on of hands which we were taught in church (from Hebrews 6:1-3).

He went on to ask if singing traditional songs was bad (he is part of a band that plays traditional songs) and we explained that songs are good or bad based on their lyrics or content, because this is what they impart to their listeners. We prayed for him and he left for his duty. 

We were left with the tailor, his wife and little daughter who came back as we were talking to the other guy. F.N began talking on the need to know God more, not just for their sake but for their child’s sake, focusing more on the mother as the woman of the house.

We talked on different topics for a while; she had some confusion about the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden – the woman (Eve) and gifts being the same as seeds. We tried to clear the confusion and she finally understood the difference between seeds and gifts. We talked about obedience to God as we linked it with the fall of Adam and Eve.

The woman also encouraged us and even shared some testimonies on how she started hearing the Holy Spirit and her victory over witchcraft attacks.

What about the other two team members who stayed back to talk to the young boy?


Here’s their story:

D.E began to talk to him as we followed him to where he was going. We spoke to him basically on hearing and following God’s plan for his life, we spoke on riches and what the Scripture says about it (since he said he wanted blessings from God) and somehow we got to talk about the Holy Spirit.

He kept saying that he didn’t believe he could receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that it was for only ministers of God. We showed him different Scriptures that speak on the Holy Spirit and speaking in new tongues and he began to believe at some point. We had an impression to pray for him to receive the Holy Spirit. We did for a while and he was baptized! Because we were on the road, he just mumbled for a bit and stopped and didn’t want to continue. Though we encouraged him not to stop, we couldn’t force him to continue but we told him to do so when he got home, and that this should be a normal part of his prayer life.

We parted ways and met a young boy of about fourteen years who was helping to run his older brother’s supermarket. We spoke to him about the need to be obedient to authority amidst other things. He was convicted and very repentant so we led him to Christ with a plan to follow up.

Both teams finished at about 1pm and we concluded for the day.


Reported by Q.E and the latter part by E.E

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