Location: Abak
Date: 20/10/2019


Not Discouraged

My team arrived at Abak around 9am. We paired up and set out in our different directions. I was paired with Sis F.E. On the way, we met four girls waiting for a bus to go to church so we decided to go and share with them. Sis F.E shared her life testimony and also read from 2 Timothy 3. While she spoke, I noticed that only two out of the four girls were paying attention. The other two were sending pictures they had snapped earlier and going through their WhatsApp messages. Sis F.E encouraged them to listen to what she was saying, and they put their phones away. However, they still showed the ‘I don’t care’ attitude a bit. I noticed that Sis F.E was not discouraged, she went on preaching with boldness and rounded up when their bus arrived. She got the phone numbers of the girls that paid attention and we got to talk to them a little more before they entered the bus.


Supernaturally Healed!

Then we left to visit a woman we had talked to few weeks before. We observed from our conversation with her, that she really loved God and that He talked to her in her dreams. The woman was really happy to see us. She brought her Bible and we had a little Sunday meeting.

When we met the woman the first time (two weeks back), she told us about her life, how she lost her husband, and how difficult things had been after then. She also told us about an incident that occurred when she went to the site where she was building her house after her husband died. She said when she was about to leave the site, she fell down and one of her legs got broken instantly (the cause of the incident was unknown). She told us God warned her and even made the driver of the bus she entered to drive past the place, but she still chose to disobey and go to the site. Then, she also told us how she decided not to amputate the leg [as counselled by doctors] but rather went to a traditional bone doctor to help her fix the leg.

She told us that the bone doctor knew there wasn’t any need to try and fix the leg because her bones were shattered, but he just wanted to try. So her leg was wrapped with bandages. Few days to her check up with the bone doctor, she felt a hand at night come and join the bones (around the knee region) and when she tried to lift herself, the force made her feel dizzy and sleepy. The next day when the bone doctor came, he was surprised at the improvement he saw and admitted “this can only be God”, to which she readily agreed. She told us that she did not tell the man about the night incident [the hand at night that joined her bones] and that she is only telling us because we believe in God. She also told us about about a prophetic word that came in the prayer group she was in, that she would be disciplined and she truly was. She said she knew the reason was related to her disobedience, and this reason for her discipline was explained to the people in the group.

In summary, she told us about her current condition after the incident that led to broken bones; how she is now living in the shop she rented for her business, and how difficult things are for her financially. She admitted that she is now living a life of “complaints”.

So, Sis F.E shared with her from 1 Corinthians 10:4 and Philippians 4:6 and other scriptures. She also talked about some strange disturbances she experiences when she sleeps which she thought to be witchcraft and tended to blame God for allowing it. At the end of the discussion, we told her to ask for forgiveness for grumbling and murmuring, and we also prayed for her leg, and about the witchcraft issue. [This was two weeks ago]

So going back there after two weeks, she was happy to see us. She told us how God brought a widow to her shop and the woman shared the gospel with her. While the woman shared and they discussed, she saw that her own condition was nothing compared to what the other woman was going through and she was grateful to God. She didn’t fail to comfort her [the widow who came to her shop] with the same comfort she was comforted. Also, she told us that the witchcraft issue in the night had stopped, such that even when she felt the evil presence she usually felt around, they didn’t have access into her shop anymore. Sis F.E shared more with her and at the end, we prayed and parted.

We went to check up on other people we had spoken to before. We told them about our Sunday meeting in Abak that they should go there rather than give excuses and stay at home.

At the end, we all left to meet with the rest of our team.


– Bro BU

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