Location: Children’s Camp, Uyo

Date: August, 2019.


Part 1


My plans for the camp for the secondary school children was to function as the head of information/media and also to teach Bible Studies, but all that changed when…

I was assigned to work in ‘Cell 9’ with the cell leader, who happened to be someone I had known for years. The organisers separated the senior classes (SS1 to SS3 and secondary school graduates) from the junior classes (JSS1 to JSS3), and placed them in two different halls. I became a self-employed usher in the senior section. However, on Thursday morning during the ‘Talk’ session, I left the senior section to join the junior section. I had gone there to gather news facts but when I got there, they were praying. So I joined in and then, I went around laying hands and praying over some of the children. Then my cell leader told me to summarise the prayers. I used the opportunity to give the children a charge for nearly 10 minutes about the supernatural! I spoke about Heidi Baker and her [Mozambican] children’s exploits. I also spoke about the amazing testimonies from an outreach my church group, God’s Lighthouse, conducted. I believe this increased their faith and stirred them up to pray fervently! Such young children!

Later in the day, my cell leader told me that the brief prayer session we had was good and his expression was ‘wow!’ He asked me if I could accompany him the following day – Friday night – to another children’s camp at a different venue: A High School at Ibesikpo [another local government]. I happily agreed to this. I was occupied with many responsibilities [from Thursday to Friday] that I did not really spend much time in prayer before the programme.



On Friday night, we went to Ibesikpo and got to the venue by 7pm; we were warmly received. The children were told to have their dinner first before the meeting. While they ate, we went to the balcony behind the hall to pray in tongues for 30 minutes. As we were praying, we got some scriptures and I got some visions. The programme began by almost 9pm and the ‘jamboree’ started. The meeting began with praises and dancing which took a while. I was not comfortable and felt very sad because the people were not worshipping God with their singing and dancing. Everything seemed like a show and was full of carnality. I felt a sharp pain in my chest, went outside, and burst into tears. I wept bitterly for the Church in Nigeria. Finally, we finished the praises and dancing, and my cell leader was called up to minister.

After speaking, he called for those who wanted to be baptised in the Holy Spirit to come forward and only a few children with about 3 or 4 youths went forward. He then began the prayers for the baptism and told the children to pray. The majority were just sitting down at the back of the hall; some were falling asleep already. Then, he gave the microphone to me to speak briefly and I quieted everyone – even the prayers. I went to the centre of the hall and faced the youths; I gave them a powerful charge. I shared my life testimony in bits and pieces, and I told stories of the supernatural and God’s move and work through youths. After speaking for ten minutes, I told those who wanted to experience God TANGIBLY to step forward, offering them another chance. Ninety-six percent of the people in the hall came out – including the ‘slay’ queens and kings; some were already crying with willing hearts.

We could not minister to everyone at once, so I told the youths to move backwards while we ministered to the children first. When I sang, the Holy Spirit shook the place and the children were sprawled all over on the floor; deliverances were taking place. I led the children to pray some personal cleansing [confession] prayers. Then we – my cell leader, some other camp officers and I – prayed for the children and laid hands on them.


Part 2


I was moved by love as I hugged and prayed for many of the children. The power of God was very strong on the children that I began to cry at some point. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, but I did not mind. In fact, as I prayed with more compassion and faith, the power of God increased greatly. After we finished praying for the children, we began to minister to the youths. I made them move forward. Some of the youths obviously needed more attention because they seemed to be under demonic influences. As I was charging the youths, the power [electricity] went out! And the generator refused to come on!

When I noticed that we did not have power for some time, and that the people were struggling to put on the generator, I went to pray for the generator while my cell leader continued to speak with the youths. After laying hands on the generator, I told the people to try to put it on again. They did, and it caught fire right in the fuel tank! After about 3 seconds, the fire went out!

‘Wow! What? How?’ I stood amazed at God’s miraculous deed. A second generator was brought, and when the revolver was pulled twice, the rope cut. There was no spanner for a quick fix, so we went back into the hall and ended the meeting. It was already 11:35pm. I saw the deep disappointment on the faces of the children and the stirred youths. Then, it was announced that those that were hungry for God and really wanted to be baptised could stay behind. Ninety percent of the children and youths stayed behind, to my surprise.



I went to a corner to pray while my cell leader sensitised the youths about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the process of receiving the Holy Spirit. While praying, a group of about five 6 to 10 year olds surrounded my chair, trying to get my attention by tapping it. I lifted my head to know what they wanted. They said that they had already been prayed for, but they wanted more. I was like, “Wow! They came back!” I told them to gather around my chair and to repeat some prayers after me (I engaged them in prayers). In less than a minute, they began to blast in full blown [fluent] tongues! They spoke in tongues so loudly that the youths said, “What are we waiting for?”

We separated the youths into batches so that we could pray for everyone. Then the power of God fell like an atomic bomb! I would just speak a little and Wow! the resultant effect it created [was so great]. Demons came out of many, about 31 of them. I had to pray for them one by one and cast out the demons properly; not taking pride in the ‘falling down’ effect, but actually making sure that the power was channelled properly.

Other young camp officers who love God and the supernatural also had a fulfilled day. Some of them that had doubts that God could move through them were amazed by what they saw when I compelled them to do what they saw me do! It was not a ‘Man-of-God-Came’ scenario. It was GLORY! Others were beginning to see and believe that God could use them too!

Emotional healings took place: people forgave others. There was also physical healings. It was as if Kathryn Kuhlman was in the house. I saw the power of the Holy Spirit through my hands. People were slain in the spirit. It was a ‘Speak-it-and-see-it-happen‘ scenario. Many other things that I cannot remember also happened also.

Eighty-nine percent of the campers were baptised in the Holy Spirit and delivered. They spoke in tongues, prophesied, and saw visions. We had to close the meeting by 2am. I stood (and bent over occasionally) from about 10pm to about 2am, to pray for people and cast out demons! I was ‘feeling’ like James Maloney. My legs and waist were in so much pain, but I had to love on them. About 200 Campers stayed back to be prayed for. Praying for people individually, for over 3 to 4 hours is love and long-suffering; making the gift and anointing a sweet savour and not something to show off. God came TANGIBLY.

I finished counselling and praying for the last batch of people by 3:45am. I was tired, but the Holy Spirit empowered me. I felt God could trust me and a few others with ‘serious’ power, a privilege that pride should not [because it can] deprive me of. I felt ‘USED’ by God.



I was rocked to tears by the humility and spiritual understanding of my cell leader. He was the invited speaker, but he stepped aside for me to take over and lead the ‘glory’ session. God worked mightily through him as well. When I started, I could see him on the side, praying in the spirit for me (I cried afterwards in secret though).

We got the phone numbers of some of the students that came to speak to us [open up about personal issues]. We got back to Uyo Zone Camp early the next morning, at about 6am, where we were serving in utility and prayer band.

Revival hit those camps!

Glory be to God.


-Bro V. E.

© God’s Lighthouse 2019.

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