The Law is Grace

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PREACHED ON WED, 30TH JUNE 2021 Synopsis: Death entered the world through the action of one man. Sin was in the world before the Law of Moses was given! But this sin was not charged against anyone’s account because there was no law [read Romans 5:13-21]. Jesus then gave Himself for us in order to buy us from our former master, sin, and took upon himself the sins of the whole world in order to free us. Thus, this life we now have is not ours but He’s, which means we owe Him every second of our lives. But many abuse and take Jesus’ gentleness for granted because He is a kind master and doesn’t treat us as harshly as sin. The absence of law is called ‘anomia’ in the Greek, which the King James Bible refers to as Iniquity (lawlessness). Sin was in the world before the law was given (the law of Moses), Sin brings about a curse, and so the law exist to show us clearly how bad sin is. The law was before grace and truth, and so we do not nullify the law, rather, we uphold it because; when the law tells us what is wrong and shows us clearly how bad sin is, it also tells us what to do about it [Romans 3:31]. If you want to teach people grace and truth, show them the law! The books of Galatians and Romans do not in any way nullify the law. Everything Paul, the Apostle of grace taught was from the law. He said the law is good [1 Timothy 1:8].



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