Two Voices…

4th July, 2021

While worshipping in the second service, I saw a War-lord descend from heaven. He had the appearance of a Chinese Samurai, and he stood at the edge of the Nigerian border.

He had swords with him, which he flung at the House of Assembly, Aso Rock and other top government buildings.

The handles of these swords each had a timer, counting down against the day of judgement. Then I saw Vice President Osinbajo given one of these swords and I heard a voice tell him, “Strike them!” “Strike My enemies!”

Then I heard the same voice tell him “Do not (only) overcome evil with good — heap coals of good and turn the eyes of the people to My goodness!”

Then I saw a man with a slit tongue and a tail which was hidden under the overall coat he wore, and he said to Osinbajo, “The people causing this unrest, you can take them out — just by snapping your finger…” Osinbajo asked, “how do you mean?”

He said, “Assassinations! Assassinations!! Spill some blood and blackmail some people; get your hands slightly dirty for the good of the nation. Do it for your President! Do it for the sake of the people!! Rid the people of this evil and take them out, by poison or by the way of the gun.”

“Do it quick and fast; you will be highly rewarded. Or haven’t you seen nations that became stronger because there was someone who could make the hard decisions and execute them?”

So, Vice President Osinbajo was in between these two voices, he thought, “The former was good and would bring results, but will take longer. The latter wasn’t so good, but will bring quick results…” and a voice told him, “No matter the outcome, you can control it.”

Then in another scene, I saw Obasanjo with a microphone in his right hand, and in his left hand was a greenish bitter fluid. He was asked to drink and speak; he was told to speak only the truth and he was to speak the truth after each sip from the cup. Then I heard “truth is bitter”.

Then I saw Nigeria like a globe of glass with cracks on its body, and it was about to break. That much cracking should have caused the globe to break, but it remained in one piece.

While still looking — as if to know why the globe still stayed in place, I noticed two hands in the form of mist holding the globe together. Then a voice coming from the direction of the hands said:

 “Glue it with white glue; glue it with the gospel of truth and peace, and with the prayer of the saints.”

Then I saw an old grey tall tree with many branches but no leaves or fruits, and its roots ran deep into the ground. The tree had been there for a long time, and was the representation of the efforts of presidents and other government officials. The sight of the tree gave me an impression of witchcraft.

Then Vice President Osinbajo used the sword he was given by the Chinese Samurai to cut it down and immediately he did, the stump and root dried up.

Then I saw many of us (GLH) and other people with our kind of appearance (glowing) with cups of water, and we ran round Nigeria quenching flames of fire that erupted at specific places with no cause. And we kept quenching these flames that were aimed at escalating to something bigger.

4th July, 2021

Bro S.B

© God’s Lighthouse 2021

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