The Lord: Exalted

31st October, 2020

While we were worshipping, I heard:

”I am that I am. I reign alone as King. Who can contend with Me? Who can contend with Me? I tell you, no one. I was in the beginning, I am even now, and I am at the end. Who dares question My existence?”

Then I saw the Lord seated on the throne. As we kept singing, He stood up from His seat at some point and started dancing as though he was swaying to the music. As he did, the edge of His garment cleaned the filth off the ground that seemed to have been brought in by the people who came there — the filth we had come in to offer worship to the Lord with.

The impression I had was that because we came to worship with a pure and willing heart; whatever we brought along that was filthy was being swept away by the Lord’s garment while He was receiving our praises. While He was swaying, I saw three big bears come and surround Him, but He acted as though He didn’t notice them, and kept swaying. I also saw seven bright halos over His head.

Then as we sang, ’You are Terrible… (Yahweh…)’ I saw Him seated on the throne again but He was a fierce king. His face turned from a smiling face to an angry face suddenly. I saw Him standing (simultaneously, as I saw him seated), and He destroyed those bears.

Then I heard, ”Dark times are coming; dark times are coming. But do not be afraid, for I will always be with you. People will wail; they’ll ask, ‘Where is this God that we call on?’ But I will sit on my seat and laugh at them.”

I saw a dark path that people were walking on, and it became a very dark tunnel. At one end, there were people in darkness who were trying to find their way out of the dark tunnel but couldn’t navigate their way in the darkness, so they sat there in despair, awaiting any source of light. I saw someone standing at the other end of the tunnel, and as he did, the light that emanated from him gave light to the whole tunnel. It was so bright that the people at the end of the tunnel were able to see.

I had the impression that it had to do with evangelism in this season. We may not know how much light we (God’s children) carry, but it’s bright enough to bring people out of their devastated state!


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