“The Great Parade”

September 29th, 2021

I dreamt I was in a desert-type place with some of our brethren, then I was to go into town, so I collected an ATM card from someone who asked me to help him buy something in the town (a canned drink). It seemed there was nothing to buy in the land we were in, because he was asking me to go into town for a canned drink. Someone else told me that the pin code for his ATM was about nine digits. As I walked towards the town, I could see where the land had started turning into a desert. I saw a farm where the desertification had started killing off some plants (corn, etc.).


The First Gate

At the boundary (between the deserted land I was coming from, and this town I was approaching) there was a big black gate and it was a child who opened it for people to pass. I was the only one at the gate. The child opened it for me (because he knew my ‘father’, apparently), even though he said he was not supposed to open it for anyone. He asked of my father, and I said he was coming, but the child said, “It’s a lie; your father never comes!” As he opened the gate, one of our sisters came with a car to pass, so I entered it. On the other side of the gate was a city, with more grass, buildings, and far more people than our desert side (where it was mainly a few brethren). I can’t remember what the sister wanted to do, but I didn’t buy the drink that I was sent to get; I followed her to do something.


The School

At a point, I came down from the car and saw a brother. He too had come from the other side (the desert area). I walked with him for a while, and he said he wanted to see his sons in school. He said it was very risky, because we were not supposed to be on this side. As we approached the school, there was another gate which was wide open, so we entered. We walked to the school and looked from afar to see his sons, and we saw one of them. We couldn’t go close; it seemed we were cut off from society.

As we tried to leave the area where the school was, there was now a female security guard checking people before they left, as if they had been informed we were there. The brother showed her a folder with his picture on it. It seemed he had once lived on this side, but I had never lived there, so I had no documents. The security guard hit the folder on the wall and it was hard; it seemed that was how they checked the authenticity. She let him pass, but did not let me. I laughed with her, cracked a few jokes, and she let me through.


Troupe A: The Christians & The Crowd

On the other side of the school gate, there was a long road which led to another gate. It was so quick and easy to get into the place, but so slow and hard to get out. A parade (almost like a carnival) was going on; I saw some of our brethren dancing and moving forward with the parade, so I joined them because we had to fit in, and it would have been odd not to join in.

At a point, I stopped moving with them and started walking in the opposite direction of the parade. People were staring; they were confused as to why I wouldn’t join them. As I walked, there were groups of people dancing in the parade, and each successive group would try to scare you until you passed them. As I walked down, it got increasingly darker; it seemed it was changing from morning to evening, then night.


Troupe B: The Masquerades

The next set of people I saw at the back were a group of young men dressed in Igbo attire; they looked like those youth groups that normally bring masquerades. They tried to scare me, but they didn’t look scary.


Troupe C: The Witches

As I passed them, in a vision-like experience, I saw a white woman collecting an award, and as she did, she sang a song of one note. Then I saw the woman’s social media page, and she was a witch who posted things about messing with children and Christians, and doing general evil. She was a high-level witch; the type that would eat children! Everyone knew she was a witch, but it seemed it was accepted on this side.

After the vision, I kept walking. As I passed a group of witches who were like that woman, I heard someone say; “If care is not taken, these ones will be like…” (I can’t remember exactly who, but they were two of our sisters, and it seemed this witch had been in school with them). I had the impression [these sisters] had been in this city earlier and caused great trouble for them. The witches did not try to scare me.


Troupe D: The Golden Beings

I walked and got to a bend in the road; and as I looked to my right, I saw the next group (and the last I could see, as it was too dark from there). As I saw them, I stopped walking, trying to figure out what they were. They were naked, with golden skin and the manes of lions. I did not see any of their faces. They danced very rigorously to the same music as the normal people at the beginning of the parade. I even recall seeing a group of women dressed like them (in the first group) when I had initially started walking the opposite way.

None of these golden beings had seen me, so I ran all the way to the front where the brethren were still trying to fit in. I wondered how the people in the front of the parade looked so normal. I felt if they had even seen the group of witches behind, they would have run – talk less of those golden beings!

I understood how this was possible; everyone in the parade always looked forward, so each group assumed they were the last. Even our brethren I was walking with did not know what as at the end of the parade. I also noticed I hadn’t seen those making the music that everyone was dancing to; it was as if someone was drumming in the sky, but everyone assumed it was someone somewhere else.


Bro. JEK

September 29th, 2021

© God’s Lighthouse, 2021.

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