The Father’s Dance

18th March, 2022

While we sang ‘It’s the Father’s Dance’, I saw a couple (the Lord and the church) in a ballroom. It seems they were newly married or about to wed. They held hands, and were about to waltz.

However, I noticed that the bride looked tattered and ugly; she had a brick for a head, with strange eyes and teeth. Her gown was torn, with many patches and covered with dirts from the mud.

She couldn’t even dance properly, and kept on stepping on the groom’s feet. What came to mind was the Lord coming for a bride that is blameless, without spot or blemish, but this was not the case here.

I saw the bride change up, trying to look better, but still came out with a similar appearance. What came to mind was, Beauty and the Beast’.

However this time around, [beauty] was the groom, and the  [beast] was the bride (not just literally as in the vision, but also in terms of the Church being influenced by the world’s system).

Then, I saw the groom seated with his face buried in his hands. He was weeping and saying, “I want to dance with My bride, but she’s not ready”. I began to pray that the Lord helps us be ready. At this point, Wednesday’s message, where pastor spoke about the church and her shepherds, came to mind. I remembered that I had felt some sort of fear/dread for the body of Christ, that day.

I got, ‘Obedience is the key to learning the Father’s dance.I had the impression that if we step where He steps, and move as He does, we will be able to dance like Him and with Him.

Then, I saw the groom dancing with little children. It was like a father playing with his children. Then, I had the impression that we were to watch the children, and learn from them. I had the impression that we were to be child-like.


-18th March, 2022


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