Why Watchmen Fail

16th April 2022

When I and my roommate were praying this morning, we prayed for Intercessors. I believe the Lord began to show me why watchmen fail:

First, I saw that the enemies were coming towards a city, which was surrounded by a very huge wall that was very thick and ancient. There were watchmen on the middle parts of the wall and to its West side. However, to the East side, there were no watchmen at all.

I saw an enemy horde fast approaching the city. They had archers in their front ranks. I saw things happen on the wall of the city that showed the entire Watch was compromised.

  1. MISDIRECTION: The first loophole of this group of watchmen was that while these enemies were coming, some of the watchmen that occupied the middle segment of the wall were facing inward, backing the enemy. They were on the wall but they were turned the wrong way, they were facing inward–toward the city–instead of facing out, towards the enemy.While they were still at a distance, the enemy archers shot the watchmen in this category, and they fell off the wall. Hence, the number of watchmen on the wall was reduced.
  2. UNOCCUPIED STATIONS: Remember I said that the eastern part of the wall was unoccupied.

I saw that some of the enemies rerouted, to take advantage of the situation. One of them (an enemy archer) went to that part of the wall and managed to climb up all the way till he was on the wall with the Watchmen. Because the watchmen on the middle and western part of the wall were focused on the enemy horde they were seeing  straight ahead and there were no watchmen on the eastern part of the wall, the enemy was able to come in sneaking. He climbed began to shoot them from where he was on eastern part of the wall, further diminishing the number of watchmen on the wall.

The kind of stones that were used to build the Eastern part of the wall were well cut stones. They looked ancient and had ancient-looking inscriptions on them, which I had the impression were names of people. I knew that these were the names of people that were supposed to occupy the wall–they were born to occupy that portion of the wall. From the way I saw the upper part of the this portion on the wall, the stones here were arranged side by side together, in a way that suggested each stone marked a station for a watchman. It looked very devastating that a whole segment of the wall was unmanned.

Then I heard something about “Recruiting watchmen”. I had the impression some people are waiting to be super prophetic before they begin to be watchmen, and that is very wrong. Then I heard (paraphrase), “Do you have the Holy Spirit? If the answer is yes, then you can be a watchman.” It felt like some persons will never realise that they’re called to be watchmen, until they stop waiting to be super prophetic. They should just pray, or they will never realise that calling;  they should stop waiting to see visions and have prophetic experiences. Just obey and pray!

  1. WAR WITHIN THE CITY:I saw that within the city walls, there was fracas happening, and it was causing a lot of noise. The other soldiers within the city and  also the civilians, began to fight. They began to kill each other within the city. So it distracted the watchmen that were on the wall, and many of them turned back to look into the city to see what was happening. This of course, made them vulnerable. Then the archers on the enemy’s side who were coming closer and closer to the city wall, shot at these watchmen that had become distracted because of the in fighting within the city, and they went down.


On that middle segment of the wall, I saw Pastor Ita. He was like a leading Watchman. He was the one directing the watchmen there. I saw that even with the in-fighting that was happening, his face was focused forward. He did not seem to have the capacity to be distracted by the infighting because he felt like he had prepared the people and put things in place to ensure that those kinds of things do not happen. So, when it was time for the war, he was focused on building strategies to defeat the enemy. In fact, I saw that on that point where he was standing, he was affixed like a stone himself. It was like he had been rooted there in that part of the wall. I think he had become one with the wall (I can’t explain it), and he had to focus and face forward.

An important conclusion I could come to was this: The watchmen, it would seem, were more important than the wall. Without the watchmen, the wall is not a source of security.


Saturday, 16th April 2022

Brother S E


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