Washing Of The Water

28th January, 2022


As we sang, ‘The River Is Flowing’, I saw us holding silver goblets in our hands. There was this giant water figure (like the one in Chronicles of Narnia 2) that kept entering the goblets one after the other, like water was being poured into them.

It seems there was an instruction for us to drink the water from the goblets in our hands. However, the water was bitter. Then, we were told that the more we drank the water, the sweeter it becomes. But we have to start drinking it, first.

Some people were afraid of drinking the water because of its bitterness. Some people saw the facial expressions of those who drank the water and were sort of discouraged from drinking theirs.

However, for those who drank the water, it had a great and positive effect on them. I saw what looked like an internal organ, that had this circular thing with spikes all around it, floating in it. It looked like a virus. I saw how the water this person had drank, went down to where this virus was, and took it out. The virus just disappeared from the person’s system. I had the impression of ‘cleansing’ — that if we partake in this water (though bitter), we would be cleansed/purged!

At some point, I got, ‘Open up your mouths, and I will fill them up’. Then, I saw a tap above my mouth, and when I opened my mouth, the tap’s head was turned downwards, and water gushed out of it into my mouth.

Then, I saw someone (a girl) who was struggling not to get baptized. Finally, she laid down in the water and almost immediately, a replica of her emerged from her. This replica had very tough skin. It seemed it was made of stone or some sort of very hard wood. I had the impression it was her old man’. Then, I saw her real self (the new man) laying calmly in the water. She had a soft skin, one that could easily be accessible. I had the impression of ‘easy penetration of the words of God’.

I also saw someone who kept digging the sand. The more he dug, the deeper he went into it. At the same time, it looked like he was swimming in water, and going deeper. I think this was around the time we sang, higher and higher Lord’.


At some point, I began to pray in the Spirit strongly. It felt like I was trying to tear out something, but I had to persevere. Then I remembered the scene from Chronicles of Narnia where Eustace was trying to scratch out or tear out the dragon skin off him, and Aslan’s claw marks that showed on the skin before he finally became human again. I got, ‘Tearing off the flesh’. I had the impression that we had to persevere in tearing off the flesh, until it comes off, that is, until we’re free of its influence on us.


28th January, 2022

– Sis. EME


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