The Church Reformation

23rd February 2023


You’ve come to listen to council matters and understand what is written for your nation.

 Don’t be surprised that it wasn’t written recently. These are things that have already been recorded from times past.

You’re too late. You would have gotten the information a long time ago.

 Don’t be surprised. Church in Nigeria, why are you surprised? Why do you act as though this is something that surprises your Lord and King? Why do you act as though this is new; these are things that had been planned long ago.

 I see your nation, standing tall, fair, and bright. And it has stood for a very long time.

 I understand that you don’t know what I’m talking about. The beauty you see in this nation has not been the beauty of your Lord. The clothes she wears, are things she got from the merchants of the world. These shoes she puts on are not from the hands of your King.

So don’t be surprised. She must be stripped of all the beauty she has acquired for herself. This beauty, those ornaments, they don’t come from your King.

Who do you stand for?

Will you be like the Levites that turn to the side of the Lord? Will you be like the one that says “Yes, I will stand by the side of my King?”

 I am doing some work, you will see. But for now don’t be surprised that your Queen, in whom you have pride, may have to fall.

The decision is yours. Will you stand with the Lord or will you stand with the world?

Do not think as the world thinks. Do not call conspiracies, conspiracies. Don’t call a plot, a plot.

 Do you see with the eyes of your King? Do you sit on seats above or do you sit with those on earth? What do you see when you look from afar? What do you see, Church in Nigeria? Do you see bright and beautiful or do you see dark and gloomy? The world may seem dark and gloomy, but what do you see?

 Beauty for ashes.

The decision is all yours. Will you stand with your Lord or will you stand with the world?

 As for me, I have chosen My path and I will run it. Do not let me tell you on that day that I’ve trodden the winepresses alone in my wrath, and no one has been there to help me. And now I’m going to pour it out on all My adversaries who did not come to the support of their King. I said I will run my course.

Now you either fall behind me, or you walk along. But I will run my course and when I’m done, I will visit each person that did not stand with Me.

Church in Nigeria, gird yourself. You’re going to be a major player in this plot. You’re going to be a major player. You would have to walk, you would have to talk, you would have to sit, you would have to run, you would have to climb, you would have to get some things and come down.

This is all I’m allowed to say for now.


23rd February 2023

Brother E.P.E

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