Strategies to Fight Witchcraft

28th June 2022

As we began to pray concerning witchcraft, it felt like we needed more strategy in our praying about it, the same way the church needed more specific strategy in its fight against witchcraft. I saw that we were also supposed to target specific points in this being when we were fighting, not just throw random punches at it. Also, it felt in a way that the territory occupied by this being was being underrated, because it looked smaller. The impression I had from that was that specific aspects of witchcraft were supposed to be addressed in our praying.


When we started praying about greed, it felt like greed was one of those specific points to be addressed. I saw that the prayer weakened the spirit of witchcraft briefly because it was just one of those strategies, and I felt we needed to pray more, make inquiries or maybe study them based on subject areas or different areas they manifest in.


As we prayed concerning greed specifically, I saw a lanky man. He looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties, and he looked emaciated. I saw that he had leeches all over his body and this leech was ‘greed’. I saw that there was this hand that would forcefully try to yank off the leech. It seemed like doing so would be on the condition that the skin would be removed along with the leech. This was because the skin on which each of those leeches stayed on had become part of the leech itself, and so it seemed one could not separate the skin or the body tissue from the leech. If the leech was going to be removed, this tissue would be removed as well.


I had the impression that this tissue represented servants of God and church leaders generally that have hosted this spirit of greed. It seemed like for them to be polar; those men will have to be taken out. I saw that after a while, the hand began to yank off both the tissue and the leeches. However, there was a problem. There were a lot of big injuries all over the body of this young man who I felt, represented the church.


Afterwards, the body cells began to rapidly multiply to replace the holes and it felt like a good thing initially, but then I saw that these cells became cancerous. I had the impression that these cells were immature cells. They were immature and tried to take the place of these matured tissues that had been taken out. I had an impression that when these men (former cells) are eventually taken out, a lot of immature people are going to fill in their place. This seemed good, seeing that having leadership is necessary for the body, but it was going to get out of control. This was because these new and immature cells eventually develop problems. So, these immature people that were going to replace these old tissues that were to be judged or removed were going to become cancerous. The lanky guy became a mess and I found myself praying for ‘damage control’.  After a while, it seemed the Holy Spirit was showing me what was going to be the final solution to this.


I saw a hand and a big axe appear from nowhere. With the hand holding the big axe, it began to hack this man into pieces. It looked really disgusting, but then it just kept hacking and didn’t stop. I wondered why the church was being destroyed while we were praying for it to be fixed, but it felt like this was what was needed. So, it hacked the man to pieces till his inner body parts were laid bare. While feeling bad, I found myself saying, “Father, I agree with your judgment, help the church to agree with your judgment, help us agree with your judgment”.


After a while, I saw that the man’s spirit left his body. It seemed the spirit had been trapped in his body, and if his body had not been destroyed, his spirit would not have been able to come out. Then immediately, a new body appeared from nowhere. It seems like a new body of Christ – a new church – and it was given a white garment. It felt like it was going to take a lot of painful processes to get there.




28th June 2022

Brother SE


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