Spirit of Delusion

17th February 2021

While I worshipped with new song, I saw a body of water that looked like the sea. A crowd of people surrounded this sea, with their cell phones. It seemed they were making a video of something. I turned to see what they were making a video of, to the point where they were smiling. Their faces were lit and they were so happy with what they were watching.


As I turned, I saw a beast coming out of that sea. The beast looked like a mermaid to the eyes of those people. It didn’t look like a beast. All they saw was a beautiful creature.


Then, I noticed the people that constituted the crowd: some were pastors, priests and Christians. The others were unidentifiable.


They were carried away so much so that they did not notice the beast coming closer to engulf them and drown them into the sea. At this point, I heard, ‘Delusion’.


Even as the beast engulfed them and swirled them around (it did this to make them feel comfortable around it), they were enjoying the act and more people joined the crowd. I think this came about after this crowd posted the video they made.


Finally, the beast took the people into the sea and was showing them beautiful places. Their delusion continued.


I wondered why Christians were among the crowd. Then I heard, ‘Woe to you if you dwell among stragglers – the mixed multitude’. It came more like feeling comfortable with dwelling in the midst of stragglers. I then remembered a word I had gotten in the morning about evil company corrupting good morals. It was like, ‘In following such company, you would be enticed and carried away by this creature’.


I started praying, asking God for clarity concerning this mixed multitude. Then I got, ‘When My fire comes, you will see the distinction between those that can or would withstand the fire’.


Then I heard the sound of a rushing wind. It was separating things like chaffs. I remembered that I have been getting a word about wind blowing and separating things, in recent times.


-17th February 2021

– Sister DS


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