No More Pretense!

“I am God, I am no respecter of persons. I will come and purify My church. I will cleanse my people of their filth. I will free my people. The blind will see. The deaf will hear.

“Run! Run! Run, for My terror is coming. Run, for My wrath is at hand. It is about to come. Run to the top of the mountain.

Seek Me and live. I am going to take vengeance on My enemies – all those who do not fear Me, for I am a jealous God. Run!

“Turn to me, you sinner, for My vengeance is coming. I have been waiting, but My patience is being misused. People no longer fear Me. They walk after their ways. They despise My words and don’t pay attention to Me anymore. My bride, purify yourself, for I am coming soon. Who shall abide in My holy hill? Stop pretending to love Me when you don’t.

“Seek justice, righteousness and mercy, and live, for I am a just God. Stop all pretense, for I am a jealous God.”


Sis. V.U .

August 30th, 2019

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