Mercy’s Call To Repentance

17th July 2023



I got “Mene, mene” from “mene mene tekkel.” You have been weighed and found wanting. Warning goes ahead of destruction. Mercy triumphs over judgment. How much warning? How much mercy? Put your acts together!”

Judgement; should I bring it all at once or should I bring it in doses?

I saw as it were through a mass crowd of people, then the vision zoomed on to a pole that hoisted a serpent (Moses and the bronze serpent came to mind). Then I heard “where is the bronze serpent? Let them look and live.” It seems the plague had gone out (the bite of the serpent). “Look and live since you will not hear and be healed, o faithless and perverse generation. Who warned you to flee the wrath to come, since warning is not enough.’’

Then I got, “Excuses, excuses…I told you I’m removing your excuses.” Then I saw an hourglass almost completing a cycle (the sand almost running out) and I got that the sand was our excuses, and it seemed that when it runs out, judgement would land.

I heard, “You won’t learn from the Titanic; you won’t learn from the Titan. For this cause, many, many, many are weak, sick, and die. Let God be true; when he judges he will be counted righteous.” As I continued praying, I got “Idols”. “Watch out for your brethren. Be their mediator, stand in the gap. Because when your Mediator (The Lord) is the one who strikes you, who will you run to?”

17th July 2023

Sister E.S


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