Lasting Footprints…

I saw a dark tan sole of a proper leather shoe. It still looked new, but I knew it was one that had gone through a long journey. I guess there was a lot of grace. It was changed into the rough boot of a soldier, a really rough one. Then I heard, “Now, the footprints are about to get even more real.” I saw that the footprints had been created in times past by the former shoe in the sands of the desert. They were not as observable as they had once been, and the desert winds had covered different ones of them. But with this boot, the prints were sure to be deeper, more pronounced, not easily covered, and would help others wandering in the wilderness to find some way to follow.

I saw someone stumble on part of a footprint. (He) followed it for a while and saw it was consistent; it seemed they had encountered a lot of inconsistent footprints that had led to a lot of discouragement in the past. He then called the rest of his wandering company to march on. There was hope. At this point, I wondered how the company had come into the picture, and how they had become a group. I had envisioned scattered wanderers. Then I believe I heard the Holy Spirit talk about bringing wanderers together, and raising leaders of wanderers who will lead them to those who had hope, and into the Promised Land.

He continued, “I’ll make them hungry for hope, and that hunger will lead them, and then they’ll bring others. You, focus on getting ready to fit your feet into these shoes. Will your feet fit, or will they be loose? Either way, you will walk, but fitting shoes create better footprints, and it won’t be so easy to lose the shoes.” 

The different footprints, which were different acts of obedience, were intercepted at different points by different companies. It is why we must not be lax; every step counts. You don’t know who or which company will follow each act of obedience. You don’t want to create faint or inconsistent footprints and lose them.

Then I saw someone fighting a demon. Though the creature looked like a ‘creature of light,’ as I heard, I knew it was a demon. As the person was fighting, for every victory he had over this demon, he was free of a a smaller version of the same demon in him. It was an external fight leading to an internal deliverance which the person wasn’t really aware of. Thinking about how this really applied, the principle that as we go out to fight the battles of the Lord, in sharing and all such things, we are also getting free of certain things was what came to mind. I believe in a way this is a dimension of the earlier prophetic word from one of our brothers about “the rest of our training being in the field.”

Even as we go out, while we want to minister to others, let’s not forget that we are still in training, so we don’t throw away the lessons. But I believe in the days ahead, the Lord will bring battles to us with ulterior motives, to deliver us of things left to deal with. Always remember these ulterior motives, while you bask in victory or cower in defeat. For many, it will be a new clean sheet; don’t joke with it! Grace will be meted out to people in areas where they were deficient. It will be a shocker for some people, but don’t abuse or despise it.


Bro. M.P.

August 18th 2019

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