Go Fishing!

Friday 12th July, 2019

When we were singing, “It all belongs to you”, I saw myself at the edge of a lake, from where I saw a bright light on the other side of the lake. I felt it was the Lord.

He told me to fish in the lake in front of us. I looked down on the lake, and the water looked green and stagnant. I was really confused on why he would want me to fish in such dirty water.

Then I looked closely and saw fishes of different sizes in the water. Some were big and some small. I saw a fishing line by my side.

I wanted to start using it so I would just catch the ones I could, and hence not have to touch the water. I felt the Lord shake his head at me.

I was told to use the fishing line for some fishes, especially the big ones. I got the impression the line represented, “Messages of conviction”.

Then I was told to dip my hand in the water to catch the smaller ones. I noticed that some of the smaller fishes had silver lines marked on their backs; those were the ones I was to mainly focus on catching.

I still resisted because the water was dirty and green, and in my mind I thought that if I dip my hands into it, I might get dirty.

Then he answered and said that as long as my hands were clean, without sin or selfish ambition, I would dip my hands in the water and get the fishes, and my hands would still be fresh!

But if there’s disobedience, the water will get on my hands and the smell will rub off.


Friday 12th July, 2019

Sister B.A


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