Displacement And Replacement

11th May 2022

When we were praying about music, I saw a big spring attached to the end of a spine. The spring kept being compressed and released on one side. Since it was attached to the human body, when it was compressed, the person seemed to move backwards, and when the spring was released, the person moved forward.  I heard;

“Didn’t I say I will be with you in your going out and coming in?

Did I say in your coming in only?

You people have been in for too long. Come out!

It is time to go out!”

After a while, a large group of people went out to a stage where hip-hop and other secular songs were played, and the people were dancing too. Our people were standing at a distance and watching and one of our people urged others to go into the crowd.

When they went and mixed with the crowd, the atmosphere calmed down, slowing down the activities already ongoing. Then they started playing Christian music. I heard “Displacement and Replacement”.

I saw a vision of a black American woman in maybe her early 60s. She was weeping and was very sad. She couldn’t say what the issue was when asked but she looked depressed. But from her expression and countenance, I understood that she was not happy because of the music that she had been listening to.

It seemed she felt like, “I wish to hear the kind of music I am meant to hear”. The more she cried, the more it seemed the atmosphere was becoming dark. Her tears were causing a change in the atmosphere from a bright one to that of a dark one.

Someone came to her and told her not to cry, that things were beginning to change, and all of a sudden, she smiled, and as she did, the dark clouds were rolled away giving way to normal cloud. Everywhere was bright and she was so happy.  Then she was able to tune in and hear good, godly music. The music, however, was coming from afar, not from within and she wished the music would get close to where she was.

Sister E.I.U

11th May 2022

@GAM Watchmen

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