A Rally to the King


While we were singing the song, “Teach our hands to war…” the part of the song that talks about ‘light’ was highlighted.


I got that the location of the light was ‘MOUNT ZION’ then I saw a mountain top.


A good distance away from the mountain, I saw a group of soldiers dressed in their armors, singing and marching towards the mountain.


This mountain was similar to the mountain in the movie ‘Lord of the rings’ where people dwelt in.

The inhabitants/dwellers of this mountain came forward to look at the group of people that were approaching the mountain.


When the worship became more intense, I saw pathways being made in the mountain, down to where we stood.

It appeared like fire burning through grasses and then the grass carried away by the wind.


The path seemed golden, but when we began using this path, I realized we were walking on water.

At first, it seemed like we were to make individual steps or get on the path individually, then while on the path, we were to uphold each other.


Then I saw a person slip off and was heading downwards, back to the ground level, so I began singing in the Spirit.


There was this force that held the person and stopped the person from going downwards.

Then at the front of the mountain, people began dropping some of their weapons.

They did this maybe so they could be able to sing and march better, but an instruction came immediately that we were not to drop any of our weapons.


So I began praying that God should help us not drop any weapon.

While we kept going forward, enemies came to attack us, but we were fighting them with the help of The Lord.


While still singing the song _”Teach our hands to war, Teach our fingers to fight”_ I saw a vision of a metallic object being put in my fingers.

Then the work we are currently doing for the kingdom doing came to mind, as majority of the church work we are presently doing is with our fingers.


I got that our hands represented our “Works of righteousness”.

I was taken back to the Path and I saw us hitting our swords and shields together.


Then I heard “We are rallying to our king”.

The scene from the movie Lord of the rings came to mind again; the place where the wizard had said they were rallying to their king.



-22ND FEBRUARY, 2022


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