A Call to Intercession

1st October 2023

When Pastor Ita Udoh prayed and asked God for the spirit of intercession, I saw a cloud of white smoke that looked as though it was vibrating. The cloud covered us like a shroud and moved around like the wind. I had an impression that it was an impact of the spirit of intercession.


Later, I saw different vessels lined up in a room that had a Heavenly ambience. Each vessel required a specific amount of incense to fill it, and we were tasked with producing that incense. It did not seem like a general task because everyone had a specific role to play.


I saw a clock, and I had an impression of a timeframe from 12am to 12pm signifying that incense was to be offered all day long. There were people responsible for raising incense at different times of the day, but there was no fixed schedule.


I understood that praying from 12pm to 12am would mean that some persons may find themselves unable to sleep at a particular time at night or wake up extremely early. These would help create an opportunity for them to raise incense.


I also got an understanding that different people would feel the urge to pray, or even think about praying at different times of the day. When this occurred, I had an impression they were to just go with the flow and pray.


I heard these words, if you feel it or think it, pray it.


I also understood that failure to pray would leave one’s vessel empty because no incense was raised for it.


1st October, 2023



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