Stay Close To Truth

29th March, 2022

I dreamt and saw one of our sisters run in a haste. It seemed there had been an attack and she had barely escaped. She looked at me and with great fear in her eyes, and said, ‘Open the scriptures now! Read it now! Read it now! Find your bible and read! They are coming!

I woke up in terror from that dream [though I was yet to be awake in reality] and took my bible and as I opened it, a middle-aged man ran into my room and said, ‘Pick up your bible, now!I told him, ‘I have’, and he shouted, ‘Read it aloud, read it aloud! I began reading and reading and when I lifted my head to look at him [as I hadn’t caught a glimpse of his face], I didn’t see the man and I noticed my room was locked.

While still thinking about the man and the dream, a young angry looking man bashed into my room and attacked me. I fought him back, by pushing him to the floor. Another man that looked like my initial attacker, came for me from the opened door and pushed my bed against me and I swiftly dodged.

A voice said, ‘Don’t struggle with foolishness, run, I’ll show you the way‘. As I ran, they chased me from both directions and I kept dodging them. I noticed that each time they were close to me and caught me, I slipped off their hands. I thought, ‘Could my body was slippery?’

I wondered why in an attempt to hold me, they couldn’t hold on for long as I always slipped through their hands. Then I remembered how Jesus escaped from the Pharisees when they tried to kill him, in John 10:39 Again they tried to seize him, but he escaped their grasp‘.

They were very violent and very very fast, that you had to be extremely watchful while running, else they would come out from corners of the road to attack you without your notice.

I kept running till they were out of sight, then stood to take a breath, after which I woke up in reality, with my heart beating fast. I couldn’t shake off the fear i saw in the sister’s eyes.

A voice said, ‘Don’t forget to lock your doors‘, and I stood up to lock the door to my call room. Then voice said, ‘Not this door’, that’s when I realized it meant the ‘door of my heart‘.

Then it said, Tell them, tell [the Church] that the spirit of foolishness is coming for them. Tell them to study My word. Only by this will they avoid this spirit resting on them‘.

Read My word! Read My word! It will come on you and you will do the foolish things you overcame. Study! Study! Read and Read! Read and Read!

Let My words be between your eyes and bind them on your hands, while there is still time. Write it upon the doorpost of your house. For a mighty man will not be delivered by his strength, but by My words.

Vanity will overthrow you of whom vanity was defeated. Be sober and watchful. She too is coming and fast! Look at the mirror of My word and only by this will you be saved.

This spirit of foolishness will awaken things you had long killed and cause you to be distracted from receiving what I have for you in this season. The prophets will not understand the times or season again.

This spirit will hit the body of Christ in Nigeria hard, I have come to warn you! Some of you have met him and have stopped coming, you wandered off and he found you.

But he is coming! Be on your guard! The God of Jacob is your refuge!

Then this scripture came to mind Psalm 119:130 The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple‘.


29th March, 2022

– Bro. S.B.


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