The Spirit of Justice

22nd September 2020
Personal Prayer

While listening to the song, ‘Children of Light’…

I saw a woman standing on a high place, overlooking a wide space. Her gown was of a light fabric, moving with the wind. From a distance she looked smallish and dainty.

Then she turned, and began to walk down the hill. I zoomed in and realized that she was made of bronze, a dark metallic colour. I also noticed that she was actually a muscled giant, not small at all.

Initially, I thought she was/represented the church, but a voice told me almost sharply, “Can’t you see that is Lady Justicia? Don’t you know the Lady of Justice?”

That was when I looked, and saw she was swinging a sword in her right hand, and a scale in her left hand.

As she kept on walking down the steep hill, she picked up speed and was walking faster. She threw away the scales in her left hand and I heard, “She will not judge by the parameters or standards of men”.

As the hill leveled out to a plain, she raised the sword over her head, still in motion, about to strike. I looked into her face; her eyes were vacant white and her face was so fierce, I had to look away.

There was a cluster of buildings, modern skyscrapers, made of iron and stone. They were approximately her height and two things came to mind:

I was told that these were Exalted Institutions,

and they clustered together because they were all similar, like birds of the same feather.

Two major sectors were highlighted, Economy and Religion.

The Lady began to swing her sword, cutting down buildings at their highest floors. She was removing the roofs and the topmost floors, basically trimming them down; cutting through the stone like someone cutting grass.

Expensive looking men and women were falling out of the topmost floors, screaming and turning to dust in midair. At the lower levels, people were running out of the buildings into the streets in blind panic.

There was a particular building that the woman cut very low, then she sunk into the middle of it, and the sword released a shockwave, utterly destroying the structure. I had the impression that it was the Central Bank of a nation; America came to mind.

I saw some flying creatures buzzing like insects, trying to attack her, but she easily swatted them to the ground with her sword.

In this area the woman was manifested as JUDGEMENT, but the people were calling it Destruction and Devastation.

(Later in the song, Pastor said “Avenge us Lord by the sword of the Spirit” and I understood why her sword was so powerful).

When the Lady Justice was done, she simply walked forward and left the area, dragging her sword on the ground. She reached an area that was a flat barren plain. Something curious happened here.

Each of her footsteps left green grass and flowers growing. As she moved, a luscious field was appearing behind her and a beautiful stream began to flow as well.

Here she was called RESTORATION.

Then the woman got to an area that was like a ghetto; very dirty environment, tightly packed wooden houses (like shanties), that looked ready to collapse. Everywhere was so poor and dirty. None of the houses passed her ankle height.

Still trailing her sword, she walked into the maze of buildings. Her sword was breaking them into pieces as it passed, like toothpicks that had been stacked on each other. I realized that these houses had no strength at all, and I wondered why the woman was destroying them.

She got to the center and stood, and began to turn in a slow circle, using her sword like a rake, dragging down the wooden structures.

I looked and saw that fine brick houses were germinating from the ground, where the wooden ones had been destroyed. They were obviously a better replacement of their dilapidated ancestors.

As the woman walked out of there, I saw a wide river begin to flow, and carry out all the dirt and ruins of the city.

Here she was still being called RESTORATION.

Then the Lady walked up a small hill, sat down facing the place she had just come from, and laid her sword across her lap. I saw that she was bleeding from the nose, and I wondered how such a mighty spirit could ever suffer harm.

Somehow she explained that, the different manifestations and instruments that she had used to exact Justice in different places; those people/things had come under so much attack and persecution. Some had even been killed. (I had the impression that even the poor people also attacked her before they realized what she was actually doing). So it reflected on her as nose bleed.

As she wiped away the blood, she didn’t even look tired or weak. The blood made her look even fiercer.

Behind her, the sun began to rise bright and beautiful (which usually represents the coming of the Lord in my visions).

She went to the Lord and knelt in front of Him. He patted her on the shoulder, either with a sword or His hands. She had completed her assignment. He officially called her Spirit of Justice.

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