The Sealed Scrolls

While we were praying about ‘the blueprint’ the day before:

I saw a secret location with a metal vault door and I walked down a ladder. It was underground. It was like an abandoned lab. When I entered, torches lit up. I stumbled upon a room full of scrolls with red wax seals embossed with lion’s faces on them. I tried opening some of the scrolls.

The first scroll was like a receipt.

The second scroll read: Today salvation is coming to My church.

The third scroll read: “The Lion roars and all tremble. The cat mewls and there is little fear. The darkness – there’s an enveloping ministration that covers it all. Stand strong; fear not – the mighty wars would have been avoided. But you have been made and prepared for such a time as this. Show yourself useful. There is an entity to be feared and reverenced. That is I, the Lord; I wage wars; I win wars; clouds move in awe. Remember this, for in strength you shall wax. If you build your altars before Me, I will breathe on your altars and set them on fire before Me. The farther from Me, the colder the fire gets. Burn before Me, lest thou quenchest”.


– Bro M.P.
Wednesday, July 19 2017

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