The Reawakening: Two Armies

I saw myself being picked up by something that seemed like a chopstick. I realized that it was someone’s two fingers; I think the person was somewhere high looking down. The fingers came down, picked me up, and placed me on a mountain. The person said, “Look!” I did, and I saw two armies; the Lord’s, and the enemy’s. As the Lord’s army charged, the other army charged as well. At some point, it seemed as though I was suspended in the air, and I was able to catch a glimpse of some things in a few seconds.

I saw dead flowers come back to life, and they became a lot of armies around different places. I heard, “There shall be great awakening.” Back at the mountains, I saw that the armies wouldn’t relent in their efforts. I had the impression that we are meant to keep up with that same spirit they had, not growing weary or tired. Even when it seemed as though the Lord’s army was on the winning side, the other army wouldn’t back off. I think they felt they still had a chance at that moment, since they hadn’t been completely wiped out. Even those in the Lord’s army who sustained injuries kept on with the fight, and it seemed that as they did, they couldn’t feel the pains of their injuries. Somehow, I felt that if they had stopped to assess their wounds, they would have been outsmarted.

Sunday, September 01 2019
• Sis. E.E.
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