The Reawakening: Humble, Hungry Hearts

This morning, I was reading about the Azusa revival as documented by Rick Joyner; it caused my heart to begin to desire the things they had experienced, and desire for the present-day church to experience such deliverance and breakthrough.
After reading, I eventually slept off and had a dream. In the dream, I was praying for and laying hands on a group of children between the ages of three and six. They were quite small, and I was praying for them individually. It was as if I was imparting to them the grace to do miracles and all, and to translocate and experience the supernatural more. As I woke up, I kept hearing, “A reawakening; a reawakening…”

When I woke up, I began to pray for a heart that would partake in this reawakening. As I prayed on, I began to hear the song by Hillsong–Oceans, specifically the lyrics;

“Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders;
Let me walk upon the waters,
Wherever You would call me;
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander,
And my faith will be made stronger,
In the presence of my Savior…”

As I kept worshipping with the song, I saw myself being pulled into a throne room. It was really large, and the floor was gold-plated. It had different pillars that had things like diamonds and gold designed around them. I was being pulled in by two huge angels; it looked like I was weak, because I was not able to walk on my own. My legs were dragging on the floor and my head was bent down. I thought I was not ready to appear before the King because of how I appeared; I just wore a white long gown, with my hair flowing all over my face. I just came with the white gown, and it seemed like that was what the King wanted.
As I came before Him (He was sitting on the throne), they dropped me before His presence and let me go. Immediately they did so, I fell to the ground and knelt before Him because I didn’t have energy to stand up. But the more I stayed in His presence, I received more grace to stand, and at some point, I was standing on my own. Then I saw that the angels were sent back to me, and when they came back, they began to tear off the outer layer of my skin. It was like they removed the white gown I was wearing before they began to peel off my natural brown skin, and then they put golden skin on me.

I don’t yet know exactly what it represented, but I saw another group of people standing in one corner of the room, and they had their skin replaced with gold-covered skin, too. I had the impression that they were still human beings on earth, but they had received a form or a measure of the Divine nature to an extent. I didn’t see my whole body being covered with the gold; I just saw my legs being covered with it first. It seemed like the process was going to be a slow one, like one body part after another. Because the first part they started tearing off was my right leg, they started from my thigh down to my foot. I believe they probably went to the other parts of my body, but I didn’t really see them.

Then after this, I had the impression of angels being in my room. I saw myself being shown a river. It was like crystal; it seemed like there were crystals in the river. I was told by an angel to walk on it. I hesitated at first, but it seemed like the more faith I had, the more balance I had, making me able to walk on it. The first step of faith I took onto the water felt as though I was walking on the ground from underneath the sea. It felt like my feet were touching the ground, while actually walking on water. The fact that I had faith made me touch the ground and pass through the river, because I trusted in God.

Then after this, I began to speak in tongues and pray concerning the things that had been impressed upon me. I was praying and worshipping that the same fire and more would be in us in this generation to do His will. I was asking for what we have been told is available for us; the ability to walk through walls, to translocate and such things, tasting of the powers of the age to come.
I had the impression that the reawakening is going to involve a lot of these things, so I was praying for God to allow us to partake and not lose out on the things made available during this season. This is because before now, I had been dreaming about us [God’s Lighthouse] encountering these types of things, passing through walls and travelling more spiritually and physically, (without an actual physical means of transportation).
It seems like this is the season for some of it, especially during this Sabbath. I felt like God wanted us to have a heart that was hungry to experience Him, and that it was not a time to joke around, but to be serious.

As I kept praying, I felt His presence become stronger, and I knelt down. I began to cry and pray more intensely for the church, for us, and for myself. I asked that, even amongst a perverse generation, there will be those that will experience greater glory in this time.
I began to sing the lyrics of the song I received spontaneously, and the lyrics were:

“Till our hearts seek only You,
Till our minds think of only You,
Till our lips speak of You alone,
Till our eyes see only You,
Don’t stop…”

At this point, my eyes were still dazed, and when I opened them, I had the impression of the Lord standing before me in my room. The room felt brighter than usual, and it came with a strange feeling I hadn’t felt in a while. His presence was really tangible. I felt a pain in my chest when I looked Him, and I fell to the ground and closed my eyes, because it seemed like I was not able to behold His face. I began to repent for despising His presence and not being faithful in different things. When I repented, I felt him hug me from behind. It seemed like that was what He wanted me to do.
I heard;
“A repentant and humble heart is what I desire.
Prideful hearts cannot be used in the reawakening!”

Then the Holy Spirit began to explain the form of pride He meant. He talked about hearts that constantly depend on their own strength, and not His. Then also, hearts that are satisfied and have refused to be hungry and thirsty for Him in the spirit. This came with a picture of a group of people sitting at a King’s table where a feast was holding; there was a lot of food and drinks to eat and drink.

I saw a group of people (male and female); some were wearing suits and looked all dignified, so they were eating little and trying their best not to eat a lot so they could still look classy and dignified. Then I saw another group of people that wore casual clothes, and they looked quite normal, but they were eating all that they could, because that was the instruction given by the King, to be comfortable, and eat as much as you can.

So, He wanted vessels that were hungry and thirsty for Him, and willing to look crazy for His sake because of their desire to experience Him.
It seems the heavens are open, and we have to try and learn to persevere in the things of God so we can partake of the blessings that come with this season.

I heard, “I will provide for you.” I felt this included physical needs; food, clothing and water.

Tuesday, April 28 2020
• Sis. B.A.
© God’s Lighthouse, 2020

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