The Police Reform

When we prayed for the Police Force, it was like I saw a heading on the front page of a newspaper, and I couldn’t really grasp what was written, but what came to mind was an overhaul of the Police Force. What the Vice President [of Nigeria], Yemi Osinbajo did* with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS] while the President was not around [*earlier in 2018] also came to mind.

There were new infrastructures, systems put in place, and even new and better methods of training. I saw a training session taking place. It was interesting to behold, like what one would see in American action movies. The training was, in one word, ‘sophisticated.‘ This was to be prayed about, and prayed into being.

I saw a police station. I saw the policemen there being lackadaisical about their jobs, complaining, and uttering negative words about the state of the Police Force that came out as black smoke. This smoke was choking the individuals, and even the system, collectively. I heard we were to pray for them to have a burden about security in the land; many of them just join the force to gain some form of leverage, and even those that would join the force in the days ahead would join for similar reasons. I saw a wind moving around the Police Station to ride on those with a heart tilted in that direction.

Bro MP

December 2nd, 2018. (6:14 am)

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