The Heavenly Visitation: Weapons of Our Warfare

13th OCTOBER 2018

While we were thanking God earlier, I saw God clothing people with clothes labelled “fear and righteousness” respectively. It was like for the younger generation.

He was revealing His covering as righteousness to the younger ones, and for the older he presented himself as fear. Then I saw hearts that looked gray/blue and hard, it was being softened with golden oil.

When Pastor prayed first about mercy, I saw a Lion that was the size of a small elephant, it was made of a bright white light with blue and green tinges on the mane.

I had the impression of John 1:3. This Lion was with me in what appeared to be a wilderness, like a desert with a few trees and cacti sparsely scattered around.

Then in the sky overhead, I saw a host of white, bright beings in the cloud; Jesus in front, with a giant white snake on His left. This snake looked like a white king cobra, with patterns on its head and neck. (I thought of a seraph).

A ray of light came down from this bright cloud and I was taken from that wilderness/deserted landscape into a green forest thick with trees. I had the impression of a cycle or season ending, and mercy being shown or extended.

Again, I saw the large Lion walking in a clearing of the forest. When Pastor prayed that God should show us the purpose for which the mercy was the seraph or something to that effect;

I heard,

“I will take away the things that have caused you loss”,

I had the impression that He was restoring things that had been stolen, or lost, an example being our responsibilities, not primarily gifts.

I saw Enoch (dressed in a loose maroon or burgundy robe) and standing on one side of the hall, and he was holding a shepherd’s staff that was also made of light.

I was reminded of something I had been told in 2018;

“You can only do His work when you are doing it with Him, not just for Him.”

I also had the impression of grace being released for us to be examples and stand at our watch-posts.


The shepherd staff Enoch held could find water underground, (almost like a divining rod). I saw myself walking alongside the Lion and Enoch and leaning on the staff, as if I needed it. At some point, I stopped seeing Enoch.

Later, the Lion asked me,

“Why do you sin?

My answer was,


Though that is not what I would ordinarily have said.

“What kind of fear?”

He asked, and I replied,

“All sorts.”

I had the impression that there is no fear in love, and perfect love casts out all fear, but I was not sure what He was driving at.

I also wondered about all this philosophy, and it seemed He replied, “If you don’t know, you won’t know to love.”


Then He said,

“Add to brotherly kindness, love.”


I had the impression of a sort of equation in the sand: Knowledge x (Self-control + perseverance) = Godliness


[Godliness + Brotherly kindness => love].


I also had the impression of knowledge as an important base primer for the finishing coat, love.

After then, it seemed the Lion was in front of me, and I saw a white horse beside Him. I heard,

“What is a horse?”

I knew a horse could speak of a movement, but I was not sure if that was so in this context. Then I heard,

“Our horse is the truth.

The truth is your horse. You ride prosperously because of truth; do not sell your horse.”


Then I saw a man in purple and gold with a silver trumpet (adorned with small bells hanging down from the side), and I later had the impression of David, but I was not sure if that was him.


I heard a voice saying,

“Praise is your weapon!”


Then I heard the Lion’s voice (paraphrased);

“Here is the difference when you actually talk to me in your praise. You see me better, and you have more faith. If you see me as the King, then I will reveal myself strong on your behalf.”


I got that we would use praise as a form of intercession (for people).



-13th OCTOBER 2018


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