The Bloody Flags (2)

October 24th, 2020

While I prayed with my sister around 12 AM, I saw that the Nigerian flag that was stained with blood was washed out, and replaced with another one. The colour was so bright and sparkling! Then I saw it being hung so firmly that nothing was able to move it.

Then I saw a pool of blood. This pool of blood completely covered the land, then vanished, and I could see green plants springing up and filling the entire land! It was like a new beginning!

My sister got Revelation 12. She was made to understand that we are passing through the labour pains of giving birth to a new Nigeria. The devil knows that this new birth will not favour him, and he vows to make sure that it doesn’t happen, but because God has said that there will be a new birth, it must come to pass.

Nigeria will be known for peace and righteousness!

– C.S.

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