Stay Obedient

I saw a big cloud over the house, (I’ve been seeing this for the past few days). There were subsets of it over people heads. Some clouds were stormy while others were a bit mild; it seemed like the person’s heart was linked to when it would rain. The state of mind was the determinant as to how much rain will fall on the person and the clouds were constantly there. They were meant to keep the person permanently drenched, with no dry times. I saw another big cloud over a field and there was a flower that bloomed. Its petals were very colorful and shining, like it was basking in the sunrays. The cloud was driven/controlled by people, (white beings in the cloud) but I could not decipher who they were at first. They would send down seeds into the field and the seeds were coming with rain, to germinate and yield immediately. I heard, “Our obedience will determine how quickly those seeds will grow,” and there were so many all over the field.

Just before Pastor sang the song, “We know not the way,” I saw us moving, in front of us the path was white and the light was spreading as we moved, it had smaller off shoots. Then we stopped as if we were confused and we needed help at that point then Pastor started the song. At that point I saw angel reinforcements just as Pastor mentioned new angels. On the path far ahead there were trees, they looked like obstacles to me. It was like we had been having it smooth till now, He has been clearing the way for us but now we have to clear/handle these ones with our own hands.  I noticed that behind us there were some black trails being covered up as we moved, like they were ignored. At this point He was saying, this new phase we’re entering now, there should be no more bad trails or covering them up. The obstacles in front will be hard enough without this extra issue behind us, bad stuff could use the trails to follow or locate or hang onto us. In order to avoid a battle on two sides, our fronts and also our backs had to be cleared. Take heed and stay obedient.

When I asked about His discipline, He said it still stands but He is very pleased that we have sought his face. He will still discipline us but His discipline will be to raise us up, to jump start us to newer levels of grace and maturity


– Bro M.P.
Sunday, January 21 2018

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