Extra Sensitive!

These messages are actually a call from God to us to get extra sensitive to what He’s about to do in this new phase that He’s bringing us to. God has been saying it; Pastor has been saying it – we’re in a new phase.

While we were worshipping, I saw a silver and black bullet that was as long as a pen. Someone opened the head of the bullet, and an A4 sheet of paper dropped out. Things were written on it, and a voice read them out (though I did not see them).

Ephesians 3:16 Isaiah 4:1 Revelation 4:2 Ezekiel 1:1

Before then, He told me we have stayed too long in the training ground – it is time for us to go fully into the field, but we are not ready, so He decided that He’s going to give us speed in our training. He took my mind to Joshua, Caleb and the other 10 spies; when they were sent to check out the land, something was there (it was actually a dangerous place for them), but they had been training and preparing for war. The way we are now – it’s just like we’ve been going to the field, seeing things there but not really engaging in the battle. He wants us to rise up as Joshua’s and Caleb’s that say no matter how dangerous that place is, God is there to stand behind us to stand behind us. He’s given us speed, and He’s going to speed up our training so when we get there it’ll be easy for us.

This message came as a sequel, I saw cars lined up as though they were about to run a race. I saw a yellow car, the smallest car there, with a banner. The cars it was racing against were big and dark colored. It started the race with a high speed. I didn’t hear any gunshot to indicate that the race had started, but the yellow car started racing while the others had not.

A voice said that the other cars were not sensitive enough to hear the shot, but the yellow car was sensitive enough to know that it was time.

While we were worshipping, three angels walked in, and God told me He had assigned them to us for this new phase. We had to observe their functions and actions.

The three angels were three men. Two came in through the large door, and the other through the smaller door (into the warehouse). The first one had the face of a ram, and two very long horns. The body was human.

The second had the face of a lion, and a man, but the mane was fully grown.

The third had the face of a human, but the ears of a polar bear.

God just wants us to be sensitive of this new phase we’re entering. Inasmuch as were going to be experiencing more of God, there are a lot of responsibilities – battles – attached to it, and He wants us to be ready and extra sensitive.

– Bro S.E.
Sunday, July 09 2017

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