Deep Calls To Deep

I saw myself in the throne room. There was fire on both sides, thick white smoke below, angels above and something like a white, bright small sun above the throne. Then there was a flood of water, and I thought of Psalms 42:7 Deep calls to deep at the noise of your waterspouts: all your waves and your billows are gone over me. There were two floods. Then after the water, there was lightning, and then the three figures came out of the throne very quickly.

There was a large circular hole in the ceiling, about as wide as the warehouse itself. Many people in white were arranged in a circle around the rim of the hole, in two or three layers, and many of them were inside, standing amongst us. Later, it was as though they were running around, as if they were about to do something.

After that, I saw the Lord with a long sword, standing in the middle of a circle of golden seats with red velvet upholstery. Almost everyone was sitting at the last row, very far away from Him. He was telling them to come closer. Then He ascended, sort of rotating in the air. The chairs became people, like an army arranged in ranks. Some of them had normal bodies while some had shining white bodies. It was as if the family in heaven was fighting alongside us. Then I heard, Psalms 24:10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah.

I saw three men or angels standing at the porch. One had ears that looked like horns, and it wore a bracelet. The one in the middle had a conical head. The third one had the head of a sort of big cat. They wore white robes, with (something like a priest’s ephod) with writings on them.

(RECORDED): “…three of them outside; they’ve been waiting for such a time as this. They’re outside. Are you scared? No. You don’t know. Look at Me. I am the King. You see them. The three of them; they witness concerning Me.


– Sis M.E.
Sunday, November 26 2017

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