Dark Beings Incoming: Time to Grow Up!

January 5th, 2022

While I slept, it seemed my heart suddenly came alive with an abrupt pump, but I was still in between sleep and wakefulness; I can’t fully explain this. I was kind of in a subconscious state. It was as if I was aware of what was happening around, yet asleep.

I felt there were some ‘Beings’ (or perhaps Messengers?) standing beside my bed. It seemed they had a scroll with them. I think they just dropped it on my bed and left.

Then, I started seeing the eye of Horus (while my eyes were still closed). There were chaotic activities going on everywhere. Darkness was fast growing in the world. I kept seeing scenes of sexual orgies done publicly. It was worse (than it is presently), and people did not mind. It was scary! Different kinds of creatures emerged, reptilian looking creatures. Some of these creatures were actually involved in sexual orgies with humans!

My heart started pounding so fast, accompanied with this heavy pain. Still in this sub-conscious state, it seemed I was alerting others to pray — to join me and pray. Then I woke up fully so I could pray. The night seemed creepy, like there were actually some dark things going on, (probably spiritually). I felt afraid at some point.

Then, I heard, “Darkness is coming closer, growing so fast.”

I saw a scene where these dark Beings (from the sky) were pushing their way to come down to earth! But it seemed it was not fully their time yet. Some angels were trying to push them back, or to withhold them. However, it seemed their strength wasn’t enough to withstand these dark Beings. Thus, I felt this was the reason for the alertness to pray, so I prayed in the Spirit more.

I kept asking that ‘strength be given to their hands to swing the swords more’. (I don’t know how possible this is, but that was all I kept saying.)

I had an impression of light forming around the angels, as they grew in strength. It then seemed their hands glued tightly to their swords, so they didn’t waver anymore.

I kept hearing Pastor Ita’s voice saying, “It’s time to grow.” Then I was telling myself, ‘Truly, it’s really time to grow. Pastor wasn’t joking.’

I kept seeing scenes of vampires, werewolves and the likes. They were appearing in people’s rooms and sniffing them. They were repelled by holiness and righteousness. It gave them this shocking or shirking reaction when they sniffed a person that had ‘holy blood.’

But they would easily devour or delve their paws into those that are filthy or had filth in them! And their paws had corruption in them; it would contaminate those people’s blood, making them more vulnerable to any other creature.

John 14:30 where Jesus said, “The prince of this world comes and finds nothing on me,” became clearer.

It’s actually a real thing!

January 5th, 2022


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