Rewriting Destiny?

30th September, 2020
I was shown many houses in a particular location. Then I zoomed into the houses, and I saw a young man in one house, and a young woman in another. It was just like that — a young man or woman in each house. They were dressed, ready to go for war, but they had a reddish rope over their armour.

They were sitting on a chair as if to write something. Behind them was a bed that had on it a beautiful suit for the men, and for the women – a beautiful gown, like a dinner gown. I wondered what this represented, and I got the impression that it spoke of the glorious, stress-free life that they wanted.

Then I saw a man beside each of the houses, dressed in a suit. Picture these pastors of these days in beautiful suits, each holding a mic.

The man was preaching; he was standing beside them and saying,

“Your destiny is in your hands. God wants you to have a glorious life. He wouldn’t want you to suffer. You are sons of God; this is a true testimony. Have you not heard? the thoughts He has for you are not of evil, but good. Leave this environment; I’ll show you the good life. You’ll realize you had misplaced priorities.”

He had a bold, handsome face, but it was all a cover, because I noticed his face would glitch like a hologram. When it glitches, I could see his real face; it wasn’t something good. On his real face, he had a weird smile. The edge of his mouth was wide and could extend up to his ears on either side. He had an evil grin, and the look in his eyes – you know this look a person has when they’re looking at a potential prey? Like a lion about to hungrily devour its prey!

Then I saw the young men and women take a quill and dip it in ink. It looked like on the table in front of them were old parchment scrolls. I got an impression that it contained their destinies written out by God. Then I saw them use the quill to cancel out some things. They canceled out some things and rewrote the things they wanted or liked.



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