14th May, 2021

While we sang ‘You are God’ I saw a massive throne in the sky and a footstool in front of it.

I saw a man (I had impression of the Father). He was sitting on the footstool and I asked why He wasn’t on the throne instead.

The man turned on the stool till he looked down at me. He said that “I had sent him to the footstool and taken back the throne”, I was shocked at this.  Then I saw that the image was replicated over a lot of people.

As we sang ‘You are God’ it was like a re-enthronement.

I saw the Lord rise up and take back the throne in our lives. He pushed that image of Self off the throne and it fell as a stone statue, just like an idol.

Over and over in people’s hearts, the Lord was pushing down the images of Self that were sitting on the thrones.


Sis FO

14th May, 2021

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